Dungeons and Dragons Online not free-to-play in Europe

Joystiq writes: "Yesterday, Turbine made a startling announcement that wowed penny-wise online gamers -- its D20 rollin' MMO, Dungeons and Dragons Online would receive a free-to-play edition with the subtitle Eberron Unlimited. There's just one caveat -- Unlimited is going live this summer in North America only. Codemasters confirmed the European exclusion in a statement, explaining "DDO Europe will not be assuming this new business model and the European DDO game service will remain a monthly subscription-based game."

There's a chance that Europe could eventually gain access to Unlimited, as the statement mentions, "as the beta progresses we will release more information regarding the future plans for EU players." Keep your eyes peeled and your perception checks high for more news on the matter as the beta opens its doors..."

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starvinbull3178d ago

Guess they just lost one potential customer (me). Perhaps a European boycott would change their mind.

Seferoth753178d ago

SO if they dont give you the game for free you wont pay for it.. Do you not see the problem there?

starvinbull3177d ago

I would pay for the game just the subscription would be free. If the game was good enough I'd find myself spending money on it just like Guild Wars or LittleBigPlanet.

Senden3178d ago

Seriously? Well ladies and gents, this is simply how to piss off your fans and shoot yourself in the foot 101. I'm glad I don't own or play any codemaster games and if this is how they treat their fans, I probably never will. Ah well I could use some drama laughs so I guess i'll be frequenting the DDO codemaster board.

Blacktric3178d ago

Another reason to hate stupid Codemasters and Turbine. I mean 20 Level Cap for an MMO? They must be out of content or stupid as hell.

Tony P3178d ago

Actually the cap was raised from 16, I believe. This is quite typical of a D&D based game. 20 is damn near god-like.