Call of Duty WaW: Shi No Numa Character Bios

The official Call of Duty website reports on the bio's of the soldiers featured in the new Zombie Shi No Numa content from Map Pack 2

You're not going to believe this.

Recon has picked up some very strange information. Until recently, I would have marked this zombie infestation as the most twisted turn of events our boys have yet encountered. However, it turns out that the men themselves are about as unlikely a group as the zombies attacking them.

Intelligence reports reveal that it is not just our boys trapped in the Japanese swamplands. The fact that these four haven't killed each other alone speaks measures of the immense danger they must be facing.

Below you'll find their profiles. Oh, how adversity affects us.

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skip2mylou3329d ago

just saw the new trailer for the new zombie pack looks kick as$


New Achievements and trophies to!

SpitFireAce853329d ago

But the DLC price tags are just to much 10$ for 4 maps way to much
5$ would be alot better more people would buy it.What about PC is
the pc version getting the DLC and how much?

skip2mylou3329d ago

pc is free i think. not sure tho.

thisisxbox3328d ago

I've played the new Zombie map today and it is HUGE! the flaming hounds are unexpected and again HUGE!