NBA Live 10 Cover Athlete Leaked writes, "With the recent announcement by 2K Sports that Kobe Bryant will be the cover athlete for NBA 2k10, it was only a matter of time before the NBA Live cover hit the internet as well. With Marcus Stephenson, a NBA Live 10 producer, stating that the cover would be announced tomorrow, we bring it to you today!"

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TOO PAWNED3270d ago

who cares rlly, big deal...

Bnet3433270d ago

I can see how you do not care if you are from Europe since Europeans can't play defense worth two sh*ts in basketball. USA is number 1 in the world in basketball and us Americans care.

BX813269d ago

@Kigmal. LOL! Funny as hell and true!

Mindboggle3269d ago

Im from UK and I really enjoy basketball and all the NBA games, so saying all EU countries dont like Basketball or are crap is a bit ignorant.

lloyd_wonder3270d ago

That's one sick cover, but why not Lebron? He's MVP ffs.

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The story is too old to be commented.