Xi Comes To A Close

Mike Hartnett at writes: "For those of you who have invested a hefty amount of time into PlayStation Home's ARPG (as it's called) Xi, you'll soon be rewarded, as the interactive adventure's final chapter comes to a close today."

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GiantEnemyCrab3393d ago

I invested a bunch of time into Xi only to have the last Home update screw up and had to delete the Home application and lost everything.

Super lame.

NJShadow3393d ago

Crap, sorry to hear that. Although there's a nice spoiler guide link in the story which might help ya out a bit if you're still up for it...

irish-leprecaun3393d ago

thank you sony for offering this v. adictive feature to ps3!!
home has only begun!!

snaz273393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

tho i must say you didnt miss much! i was pretty let down by the ending, i felt they kinda sucked you in with the whole avatar enhancement stuff (i was thinking maybe people that did xi would have extra movement, maybe jump and PUNCH ha ha how neat would that be) but then they dropped talking about that, and went on about some bs virus crap, then at the end it was all just made up! great what an ending lmao, i mean as if we didnt know it was made up! lmao, the whole thing was stupid if you ask me, it had so much potencial (sos cant spell) too, there was so many cool things they couls have done, like ending it at E3 with some megaton annoucement which was xi, some new supa dupa feature in home... but instead they leave it till after e3 (which btw made me suspicious) and just ended it with a stupid vid and xi was nothing! wow thanks for wasting my time lol

ExPresident3393d ago

^ Snaz27

Maybe it was a test run of future projects like it? Its very possible that they wanted to evaluate how the community handled it, responded to it and what the participation was like before they committed to projects with prizes, or announcements etc?

Obviously the possibilities are endless with it. We'll see if they capitalize.

GiantEnemyCrab3393d ago

NJ I thought about it but I just can't get myself back into starting over again. I was hoping to get some of the shwag for the work :) Not sure what they are planning for rewards to those who completed it.

I did have fun when I was doing it so it wasn't a total loss and it hasn't discouraged me from doing the next one.

NJShadow3393d ago

Well, if you were looking for a bunch of schwag, you're not missing much. You get up to 3 trophies for your personal space (1 for completing Xi, 1 for all Fragments and 1 for all butterflies), other than that, that's all I've seen in regards to scwag surrounding Xi.

IrishRepublicanArmy3393d ago

you will do it again if u discover u get a paintbal gun as a reward!! lol

GiantEnemyCrab3393d ago

I would take those rewards! But yes Irish if they offered a paintball gun I would be back in there right now!! haha That would be fun in Home.

Wow, my first comment get's 5 disagrees.. What are you saying I'm lying? I don't see what there is to disagree with. If any of the pusses who disagreed with me want to actually man up and say why I'd love to hear it.

irish-leprecaun3393d ago

people tend to disagree for no reason lol.
maybe they think its your fault that the glitch gotcha!!
btw it was fixed.... can u tell me craby if the buzz space is any good!!????

snaz273393d ago

yeah i know what you mean but i think your being a little too optermistic (still cant spell) there, i mean it just seemed so cool at the start like there was this xi, a secret project jess had worked on etc, but in the end it was all bs, and to be honest i think i was like a lure to get you in and then thats it, you get 3 stupid trophies for a space i never use as there is no reason to use it as we still dont have the promised features such as a dj booth, tv screens! and you know what we will never get those things either, they are more interested in selling imaginary clothes to people and that will be its downfall.

ExPresident3393d ago

I'd agree with them wanting to sell those items as well because I'm sure its turning them a pretty big profit in that aspect. I try and remain optimistic as there's no harm to me if it doesn't happen and atleast the outlook seems good heh.

I do think Sony has good intentions with HOME, but I think with like the TV stuff in our spaces etc they ran into more issues then they accounted for. I'm sure movie companies etc have legal issues with allowing a bunch of people to view the same movie without all renting it etc, not even considering bandwith and lag issues ;O

Redempteur3393d ago

Was fine ..if you did it for the reward you completly missed the point

If you are the ones completing the challenges .. meaning you did most of the stuff yourself , then you know what xi did ...

If you're one of those you only check the answers or listenened to the gary's in hope to have a HUGE reward then of course xi is disapointing ..

Xi was way bigger than anything we could hope for ..the feeling of working together with people solving riddles AROUND THE WORLD was great .. and as jess said in the final message this was fake of course but the message they ( as ndreams ) wanted to pass was passed ...

Xi was not lame because some people only got 3 trophies ..Xi was lame for them , for you because you completly missed the point ... THE POINT was to work together in order to make the right choice in the end ..
THE POINT is that they gave a great adventure with some twists ( 3 lite , THOM , THE APPEARANCE OF VEILCORP and the list goes on ) and during 12 full weeks we looked for an answer ... we made theories ... we had fun !!

Xi wasn't perfect , Home isn't perfect but theses weeks were fun and it's not the end YET as another Central hub is already open with another quest started ...

The expert challenges .. the billboards across europe , the 3 day hunt we had last week ...all of it was great and certainly NOT disapointing.

PS: but i kind of hoped we could have a stapler as an ornament for our appart ...

snaz273393d ago

well im a little more suspicious than you obviously lol, im sure you know the sony have massive film studios aswell as a big record label, so your telling me they didnt know there would be some major copyright issues? they knew it mate from day one they did, but they needed exciting cool stuff to show off cos if they siad, well you can txt chat and buy some clothes, who would have gone on in the first place lol, bit underhanded i feel.

snaz273393d ago

yeah ive heard that bs before mate, and all that gary crap too, look at the end of the day i like mini games and stuff thats cool (also you cant gary that!) bvut i dont wanna spend my day on a forum trying to suss and some stupid billboard thing, if you do thats fine but i dont... however people like you try to lord it over people thinkin your better as your part of some "community" lmao, mate i has a mrs who is pregnant and a 3 year old daughter, they are my "community", what i should be looked down opon because i cant be arsed doing the stupid missions? and would rather play proper games? your telling me you didnt want some awesome feature at the end of it all? you would have turned your nose up at that? i think your missing the point buddy.

Redempteur3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

i'm sorry for you if you missed the point of that game ..
did you even watch the recap in the NEW hub ? did you go that far ?
what do you know exactly ?

i was just saying to take Xi for what it really is .. ( and the ending of the game proves my point ) .. not for just a game you need to be rewarded by playing it ... the true reward is the game itself.
i guess you missed the people enjoying the jess appartment part of the game ? or maybe the ending party that was organised by the fans themselves..?

"what i should be looked down opon because i cant be arsed doing the stupid missions?"
i guess you're one of these guys that want the answer before EVEN looking at the question ..
the sad thing is that you think you're right ..
That's even more stupid because the answer to Xi challenges were all over the net in countless wiki and foroms ..BUT IF YOU DIDN'T EVEN TRY to solve them , why are you complaining about the END ? about the reward ?
You're just some guy who complain about the reward in a game you weren't even able to solve...

Also Xi ending At E3 was just spéculation .( n dreams never said it ) it was impossible to do so when you needed One magazine to be printed as part of the challenge ..

snaz273393d ago

could you tell me how i would solve the missions without spending countless hours on a forum talking to dimwits like yourself? as it happens i got all the butterflies, fragments the lot, my point was they implied that there would be something even by talking about avatar enhancements... even in your beloved forums you guys talked about it! and what xi would actually be, and that you couldnt wait to find out what it was... and what was it? NOTHING! no secret project as decribed NOTHING!... as ive explained i had no interest i solving most of the puzzles but you still had to do atleast 50% on your own, and the mini games where ok... but dont you think that as i decribed before would have been just epic? the whole getting it to end at e3? with some major announcement? all this bs about stupid paties and having fun chatting on a forum is just pathetic to me to be honest... i used to pop in when i wanted the answer and id see some of you guys taking it well too seriously like it was your life!......

NJShadow3393d ago

The Buzz Space was pulled shortly after release due to it not being able to handle the capacity of users. It's supposed to be back soon, but nothing yet.

snaz273393d ago

..... also my point in replying to you was to show you that some people have other things to do but also wanted to find out what xi was without sitting on a forum all day! but people like you look down your noses like they didnt have a right to do that! lol, people cab do what the hell they like! my idea of a good day isnt sitting on google earth wasting my time sorry its just not... im glad you enjoyed doing it however, but you have to know that some people dont wanna do that and can be dissapointed in the ending as it was a major anticlimax, infact as soon as they went on about viruses in the banks it all got childish! but then maybe you are a child so guess thats whay it suited you?

snaz273393d ago

it was impossible to end at e3 cos you neeeded a magazine for one part of the challenge? erm IMPOSSIBLE? really? well how about not making the magazine part of the challenge? geez for a genious you aint that bright! lmao... the fact is they didnt end it at e3 because they had no major home announcement to give, and xi was nothing!

Redempteur3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

if you have other things than playing Xi why didn't do it and played when you had the time ??
Was that so hard to do ?

The fact is : by not playing as part of a community , you missed out so much that you didn't understand the ending.

The fact is: without foroms or other peoples some butterflies are impossible to solve ...( the right way i mean )

THE GOAL WAS TO socialise yourself ..THE GOAL was to make people into home.. All of it was a true succès .. During the Xi mystery , Xi was part of the reason many logged into HOME
Get over the ending you didn't understand little troll ..maybe you'll complain when no one hold your hand in the new buzz space ???

Let's end here the pathetic cries of a ignorant :snaz27 who played a game without playing it .

Sad that you watched the ending but you're too dumb to understand it

"every choice has his consequences "<-- from the ending
i guess your choice of cheating instead of playing really ruined everything for you.
Why don't you admit you just wanna someone to explain the ending for you? I guess you must feel like an idiot when everyone else got it without trouble

PS: ALSO , XI was explained in the ending in both videos ( since i saw them both ) they tell you what is it ..what was jess plan all along and why veilcorp was intrested in it ..the simple fact you didn't get these infos just nullify your argument that xi was nothing ...

snaz273393d ago

perhaps i didnt wanna sit on a forum and socialise with home snobs such as yourself? ever thought of that? same with alot of other people, i was on home soon as it came into open beta mate, and had a play around with it then.. the novelty of sittin on there chatting wore off rather quick, the only reason i went on to do xi as it seemed there was gonna be some improvements, as in "the secret project xi" but it turned out there was no secret project and if you dont understand that well i dont know what i can do for you chap!, i used to go on home do the mission and come back off and play some "real" games, my point is i still wanted to know what xi was but didnt have the time nor the will or the want to do some of the more extravagant missions! how does that make me not understand what was going on? i fully understood! and at the end jess said herself it was all nothing!!! if you wanna look into any deeper thats your choice, for me it was all a waste of time... maybe you just dont have a real life?

whoelse3393d ago

I was expecting that the team that you chose to side with in Xi would have an affect on the game, but it didn't which was disappointing.

Hopefully this project has taught nDreams a lot of things for future projects. It's good for their first thing but there was so much that could be improved.

Redempteur3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

as i said i'm sorry for you if you can't socialize at all . it's so natural for me that i do it without thinking .

i can't even imagine how it was hard for you playing a community game ALL ALONE ...

good boy .... at least you finished it ( not the right way but still )

PS : next time learn ( and try ) to use the ENTER key as you write .. ( another social skill quite usefull when you talk in a community )
At least xi is finished , you can go back in your room , your cave or your space (i don't know) where nobody will bother you as you wander in a online community and STAYING AWAY from the others peoples in it too

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UltimateIdiot9113393d ago

Well, there is still more puzzle. After you complete Xi, there is a Alumni Xi Hub with another puzzle. The hub looks the same but as if a long time has passed.

NJShadow3393d ago

Yeah, the kepad at the entrance isn't working YET, but we'll see what happens when it gets turned on. =)

rmedtx8883393d ago

It will be great if they can come up with something similar where you don't have to be there at specific times. More like you get more info once you completed a task. I liked the concept but I couldn't be there all the time.

nix3393d ago

i've invested quite a time in xi. some of the puzzles were too complicated for me. i had a great time though. sad that it's finally coming to an end. i wonder what's next!

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