Guitar Hero: Van Halen ditches Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar

Music Radar writes: "When we got our first glimpse of the trailer for Guitar Hero: Van Halen, unveiled last week at E3, we noticed that bassist Michael Anthony and singer Sammy Hagar weren't featured. And now it has been confirmed that neither will be in the upcoming game. At all.

According to a rep from Activision/RedOctane, only David Lee Roth and Wolfgang Van Halen will appear in Guitar Hero: Van Halen, alongside Eddie and Alex Van Halen.

Says IGN of the game, "You'll start out seeing the modern Van Halen, but eventually unlock the classic images of the band with huge hair and tight pants..."

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Bloodshedder3387d ago

well, i think they didnt put sammy cuz of david, and they didnt put Anthony cuz they put Van Halen son, buth they shoould have goon with michael anthony