The Origins of Molyneux's Milo

Geoff Keighley writes:

"Most of the world met Milo for the first time last Monday at E3. I first encountered him about five years ago at GDC. That's when Peter Molyneux introduced me to Dimitri, a young boy who was furiously working on his math homework in Peter's hotel room. "Hello, it's nice to meet you," the young lad said before turning his eyes back to a ruled notebook.

Little did I know that half a decade later I'd meet Dimitri again - albeit this time in virtual form."

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ThanatosDMC3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Peter Molyneux + a young boy + in Peter's hotel room = oh right, could be his son.... nvm.... nvm.

GiantEnemyCrab3353d ago

What you didn't know Milo is based on one of Peter's child labor slaves that he has working at Lionhead? He always has one accompany him on all his business trips. Usually to serve tea and fetch his luggage.


Seriously.. I believe that is his son.