GamersTemple Review: inFAMOUS

GamersTemple writes: "Sucker Punch's new PS3 exclusive, open-world action game, inFamous, really came out of nowhere. I follow the gaming press fairly closely and aside from a tidbit here and there, I hadn't heard thing one about this game until, mere days before its release, it garnered some extremely high scores from reviewers across the Internet. It only took a 9.5 or two from some of the bigger gaming sites to pique my interest, and before I knew it I was picking up my pre-order. What I ended up buying was an ambitious, if rather flawed, action game with some very positive aspects, but enough repetition to make the game feel like Assassin's Creed 1.5."

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LinuxGuru3324d ago

At least InFAMOUS was actually fun despite the repetition of some missions.

Assassin's Creed just plain got boring.

Pintheshadows3324d ago

Better late than never I suppose. Obviously the reviewer never goes on N4G for his gaming news.

Bubble Buddy3324d ago

I honestly think infamous' missions aren't repetitive. Only a few of the side missions. The last half of the game got me so hooked I was gonna go out with my friends but instead finished it :P

raztad3324d ago

Good thing I already got the game. Awesome btw :D. dont care about this review. Just commenting for fun. LOL

Pintheshadows3324d ago

I laugh @ reviews where it says the side missions are repetitive. Its just not true. And since when did jumping off a building onto a moving bus a few times become bad.

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