Big Download's E3 2009 (Different) Awards

Big Download writes:

"E3 2009 is fading into memory but various web sites and media outlets are already putting out their E3 2009 "awards". We feel that a lot of these awards are, well, odd. After all nearly all of the games shown at the annual show are not finished and giving awards to these games would be like giving an award to a movie just by seeing its trailers. Remember when Spore won all those E3 "Game of the Year" awards? Remember when the actual game came out and, well, failed to live up to expectations? You get the picture.

So for our E3 2009 awards, we are doing something different. Instead of awards for best game or best action title or other generic awards, we are going to have some fun with our categories and give you a taste of the show itself. We hope you like it."

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