GamesRadar: Which console will win Fall 2009?

GamesRadar writes:

"Last week we weren't entirely sure what games to expect from the big three console pushers. Oh, we knew a couple of certainties, but overall the slate was wide open, ready to be filled in during their respective press conferences. Today, post-E3, we know exactly what's in store and what their battle plans are.

The question is… who has the best games on the shelf at the most critical time of the year – the fall holiday season? Who's going to sell the most? Let's take a look at the top three exclusive titles for each company."

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Sonyslave33353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

MS got a chance to steal the fall from nintendo with games like splinter cell,forza 3, halo odst, left for dead 2 and a price drop for the pro 360 and elite.

Lets not forget the DLC-combining GTA: Episodes of Liberty City MS got this fall wrap up.

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HighDefinition3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

You forgot a few like Demon Souls, WKC and FF13 (in JP, which is the BIGGEST of the Fall/Holiday releases) and I think GT5 will come out for Fall/Xmas.

"Microsoft has Forza 3, new Splinter Cell, Halo 3: ODST, Left for Dead 2, GTA4: New Episode..."

I don`t know if you realize it but you just named 3 expansion packs and 2 games. L4D2, may be great but is basically a expansion pack (sorry, but it is)

Ironically.....Wii, I don`t care either. LOL.

SuperM3353d ago

I dont see why people say maybe MAG. its not maybe. MAG is confirmed for a fall release. And yes there is also WKC and maybe a couple of other JRPGS.

Also Splinter Cell + Left4dead2 is on PC aswell. So there is little incentive on 360 side for people who own a gaming rig, myself included.

eagle213353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

PS3 has the E3 2009 Best of Show and much more diversity than microsoft DLC FEST. Every game that PS3 has had in 2009 plus RPG's, platformers, action adventure, motion (EyePet), etc will be the award winning line up for sure. :)

And the upcoming wrath of God of War III will be a powerful thing this holiday!! I think microsoft better get ready.

talltony3353d ago

Because they make it sound like Microsoft has the best games this year. What they have coming is great but sony shouldnt be punished for releasing Infamous and Killzone 2 already. Microsoft didnt have one worthwhile exclusive this year so far. They saved all their big announcements for E3 and all of microsofts games come during the second half of the year while 2 of sony's biggest games were already released. Dont get me wrong microsoft does have alot of games i am looking forward too.

eagle213353d ago

Even the PSP will have a better fall worldwide than 360. :)

And I hope my first comment wasn't misunderstood...Nintendo will be #1 but I was just talking PS3 vs. 360. Don't get like turd-10 360 fans.

All Time Greatness3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

lol I've aiready read 3 articles saying how now Xbox 360 has the better line-up. Don't worry, we'll see more because it's the truth.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33353d ago

How the 360's lineup is competitive, L4D2 and Splinter Cell are both on PC. Splinter Cell will also have to contend w/ Assassin's Creed 2.

Halo ODST looks like a rental. You could just rent it and play through the SP campaign.

PS3 has Uncharted2, which I've played the beta for, and can honestly say, is one of the best games to come out this gen so far. On top of that you've also got Demon Soul's and White Knight Chronicles, which should supply gamers with enough hardcore gameplay to last them into next year.

Fat Princess puts to shame Shadowcomplex.

jetlian3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

wii has the most exclusive i want
wii sports resort
tatsunoku vs capcom
muramasa the demon blade
no more heroes 2

halo 3 odst
splinter cell con
maybe forza 3 not really a fan of sim racers and mayb magna carta 2 need to see battle engine

uncharted 2
and if you include updates ninja gaiden 2 sigma

WITH MULTY 360 by far
bioshock2, assassin2, MW2,tekken6,bayonetta,brutal legend and a few more can't think of

fat pricess isn't close to shadow. demon souls and wkc will not sell toni

Monchichi0253353d ago

The main problem with this site is that everyone sees the market thru there eyes. The fact that we're even on this site makes us hardcore gamers. Love them or hate them you gotta admire MicroSofts brilliance in marketing. They have positioned themselves for another outstanding holiday season even after being doubted earlier.
They have big name games coming up that will appeal to the casual gamers. Halo, Forza, Splinter Cell. They also have great games for the hardcore market as well like Mass Effect.
Yet MS is also smart enough to realize that casuals don't even care about exclusives. Exclusives is just something us hardcore gamers talk about. Casuals want Madden, Modern Warfare, Rockband, and Assasins Creed. The fact they will be able to play this on a $200 system will outway all other reasons.
Sony? They just don't get it. Sure Uncharted and MAG look like great games....but they don't carry any weight with the mass market. None! If they wet smart they would focus on getting there heavy hitters out for Xmas. Games like God of War and Gran Turismo. Instead they will launch early next year where they get lost in obscurity.

Venomish3353d ago


Darkeyes3353d ago

The hardware battle will mainly boil down on one variable and that is whether or not PS3 gets a price cut this fall. If it does (or a cheaper PS3 slim is released), then I think it will be tough for 360 to beat it.

Also, if GT5 gets released this fall, then it's going to be mayhem especially in Europe. When GT5P demo came out, the PS3 sales nearly doubled in Europe... The game really has that CONSOLE SELLER status written over it.

360 has a great line up as well. So gamers rejoice.

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da720izcumin3353d ago

the irony.....
lmao, this has got to be the worse year of the ps3 in the history of the years of the ps3s....lmao
even nintendo has more/better quality games than sony this holiday season...

skatezero2463353d ago

in your opinion, imo uncharted 2 blows everything thats coming out this year away

Freakwave0033353d ago

But Microsoft had nothing for the first half of the year. Killzone 2 started the year off with inFAMOUS before Summer. Plus they forgot to add Demon's Souls, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Katamari Forever, etc.

cranium3353d ago

Sony's holiday season is just perfect for me. Since I can usually get 3-4 games every holiday season, too many games is a bad thing. So I'll be getting U2, ACIT, Heavy Rain and maybe AC2.
All I ask for is 4-5 good games every october-december and I'm happy.

SuperM3353d ago

In my eyes PS3 lineup wins anyway. Not to mention PS3 already had AAA titles like KZ2 and Infamous this year. If you count the year as a whole PS3 has hands down the best lineup.

lloyd_wonder3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Halo ODST is just Halo 3 repakaged. It doesn't even have its own multiplayer mode. No new substantial improvements. Will also get overshadowed by a better game, in MW2.

Forza 3 is just Forza 2 with better graphics. No new ground breaking features. AA for sure. Forza 2 barely averaged 90.

Left 4 Dead 2 is just a quick cashin. Left 4 Dead 1 isn't even AAA.

Splinter Cell Conviction is not a AAA franchise. The last Splinter Cell game got an 85.

Sony has already had two AAA titles this year. Microsoft is the one playing catch up because they have squat so far. Sony wasn't lying when they said they would assault the market with AAA titles, and that's exactly what they're doing. You wanna sleep on some of their holiday stuff and quality developers, be my guest...

Just know, PS3 owners will be enjoying AAA titles like Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, MAG, the Last Guardian, and Final Fantasy XIII( Japan.) While already enjoying AAA titles like MLBThe Show-- the best sports game out this year, and Killzone 2.

Also, how many GoTY contenders are there on the 360 this year? Forza HD? Splinter Cell85meta? Halo3 ODST? L4D1.5?

jetlian3353d ago

heavy rain isn't till next year

to whoever said halo odst is halo3 repacked your wrong. it play completly different. no health regen, pistol power is back. different visor modes and horde like mode and all halo 3 maps included

beans3353d ago

This year the 360 has gotten halo wars, gta dlc, Fallout dlc, some race game, star ocean, ninja blade, and a few others i can't think of. Funny how 360 hasn't put any games out this year when there's more out this year than ps3.

talltony3353d ago

your stupid, the wii cant even compare, thats all shovelware, and the 360 has 4 must have exclusives this entire year, and they were all announced at E3 since nothing good came from microsoft this year so far. And I am glad guys like you dont get to play uncharted 2, you really dont know quality titles when you see them. So keep hating and keep missing out on the best games this gen!

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ultimolu3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Whatever you own.
For me,'s the PS3.

HighDefinition3353d ago

I own PS3 and 360..........and I still think it`s the PS3.


OmarJA3353d ago

Well i sold my 360 not long ago & I'm getting a new PSP Go with the money, along side with my PS3 that's all i need...

By the way cool avatar ultimolu.

TheColbertinator3353d ago

@All Time Greatness

He really did Wrex the Krogan,Gordon Freeman,Saren Arterius :)

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