GCM Review: Prototype

GCM writes: "At first glance Prototype might seem like yet another open-world sandbox game set in New York City. I've played so many games set in Manhattan that if I were to ever go there I'm sure I could navigate the city with ease, and even though much of my experience in the Big Apple has been as Peter Parker, that web-head has nothing on our latest anti-hero, Alex Mercer. In fact, if you were to break down the character of Alex in both abilities and gameplay style, you are going to find an inclusive mix of themes including but not limited to; Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man, Venom, GTA, Mercenaries, and Mirror's Edge."

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khrisnifer3356d ago

The game is amazing - a must buy.

Rock Bottom3356d ago

When a game has as much mixed reviews, there's nothing better to base your judgment on than a demo.

Too bad there wont be any.

ptotoy3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

if you have not played inFAMOUS, it's easy to say that prototype is an excellent game.. notice how this review said " Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man, Venom, GTA, Mercenaries, and Mirror's Edge." when, clearly, this game is very similar to inFAMOUS (open-world super-hero sandbox)

now, if you played inFAMOUS, you'll realize that prototype is a POS..

it's like saying that the ford taurus is the best car in the world because you haven't driven a ferrari..

haha, xbots have fun getting stuck with your mediocre games

Rhezin3356d ago

I just finished Infamous and had prototype on pre-order. But now after playign InFamous, Prototype feels like crap and the controls are really wierd. I don't know I'm probably wrong, I've only played through the first couple chapters or something. There is still a lot of powers I have to get. Here's hopen for the best, but InFamous just really raised the bar for superhero sandboxes DAMN.

ian723356d ago

You can watch the first 8 minutes of gameplay at
Watching that helped me make up my mind to buy the game. It looks quite good.

3356d ago