Tell Microsoft what games and experiences you can imagine with Project Natal!

You've heard about it. You've seen it. Now tell us what games and experiences you can imagine with Project Natal! Visit and submit your inspiration.

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KionicWarlord2223392d ago

I want to be superman! im serious. make a superman game.

AKNAA3392d ago

Make me an interactive porno star! I can picture it now, me, my girl, doing it anywhere in the world!

Tony P3392d ago

^^^Haha. Wtf.

I think it'd be cool to have something like The Force Unleashed. Picking up objects and people from afar and smashing them into things. Build a good game around it.

OhReginald3392d ago

Your "girl"? in your right hand?

Dir_en_grey3392d ago

I want a real accurate fighting game, not that Tekken motion sensing arcade crap that just senses your arms and legs to a button input.

I want a Fighting game that will mimic what the players do in real life with their body.

How damage could work could be the speed of how fast your limbs move: faster equal to greater damage but also gotta give it a multiplier of a trajectory prorate of some sort so a jab would do less damage then a fully pulled back punch, giving that both punches went at the same speed that is.

Programmers could assign arms and legs as ways to block. Of course there would be multiplier on how much the damage forearms and lower legs can reduce the damage, and also map every part of the body like head will take 80% of the damage dealt and body will take 50%, thigh will take 10% etc.

I want a real fighting sim from this. Of course this wouldn't work from the demo they showed w/ the avatar "this is the bottom of your feet bam!", cuz doesn't seem to be able to track people rotating their bodies. If they were to add hand and leg (maybe even a belt?) straps to track body orientation then I could see this really work, in fact I hope for Microsoft to give Natal arm and leg straps to give it 1:1 accuracy.

You would need space to play this game but again alot of people will not be able to play also cuz they are physically unfit.

But just like any other fighting game which will alienate people w/ slow reflexes, I don't see any problem w/ this selling. It'll make people trying to get fit and take up martial arts even.

I've always dreamed of an accurate Virtual Reality Fighting Sim, so if anybody like this too pass it on to Microsoft or anybody who can make it happen.

AKNAA3392d ago

No, its more like my backup B1tch.

IaMs123392d ago

i want Rainbow Six or CoD type game, mainly Rainbow Six. Like when that girl gave Milo that paper, it can be a Grenade or Ammo for support of your troops. Rainbow Six would be awesome, but go back to the orginal feel like the OLD OLD rainbow six games and Rogue Spear, but keep the next gen graphics.

R2D23392d ago

Sony ask fans what size do they want the purple dildo to be.

: ) Non stop

Thugbot1873392d ago

I would like to see RTS utilize Natal. I really think RTS have been underserved by consoles, mainly due to lack of mouse, controller just doesn’t cut it. Selecting arms would be a whole lot easier and moving around would be great. Plus adding in voice would be killer. Simple arcade games like Chess, Checkers would also work really well with this type interface. Sword fighting style games would also be really cool. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy or Force Unleashed like Tony P said totally cool. Star Trek would be cool with the voice recognition part of it. Mr. Data take us to Warp 4, Shields Up. Lead an away team to some planet set phaser on stun.

I think your normal sports games many of them show would be obvious contenders for this type of control, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Racquetball, bring back good old Kickball. It would also be cool to take games like madden and add in a part where you can go from playing with the controller to player view mode where you start off passing to a player and then you zoom in or something and you catch the ball and run it in juking and all. Or you can even zoom in and throw it as the quarterback or run it also avoiding tackles. Boxing is a given, I want a boxing game that can throw the punches I would throw duck when I duck move as fast or as slow as me with the quality of fight night.

I can see arcade style duck and shoot like Area 51 or even more tactical like Rainbow Six Rouge Spear style like IaMS12 said. I can see game play being mixed between the controller for some aspects and using your motion for others. I think sandbox games like GTA or Saints Row this would add in this type of control optionally would be cool and add a new aspect and fun factor to the game.

I also see some non game type applications that would be real
ly cool. Natal, show me news, what’s the weather like. If they ever add in Skype I would be like Natal call this friend. Just like iPhone, there’s and app for that but instead yep Natal can do that or find that.

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Sonyslave33392d ago

I want the following games.

Green lantern
Dragon ball z
Star wars
Gundam wing
Iron man

Get to work MS.

KionicWarlord2223392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

my god..

Those games " done right" would be amazing.

EDIT @ Spike47

Yeah if they aren`t done right we can be disappointed.

LiquifiedArt3392d ago

Good job! Lets ask the fans to come up with ideas because we know that this tech is very very limited.............and buggy.

KionicWarlord2223392d ago

Wouldn't MS asking fans what games "you" want be a good thing?

Kushan3392d ago

You know nothing about this Tech. All you know is hearsay, conjecture and anecdotal evidence. Only MS and maybe a few select Devs know what this technology is really about. I bet you don't even have a clue how it works.

But no, this isn't a bad thing, nor is this even an out-of-the-ordinary thing, for companies to ask their clients what they'd like to see from them. I have a sneaky suspicion that if Sony put up a questionnaire asking the same questions, you'd be singing their praises. Stick to the Open Zone, kid.

ShabzS3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Guys trolling about eye toy pls read this article here. They have a detailed look at natal and its capabilities.

The Master Chief3392d ago

haha Sony fanboys just have to complain about something. This is how they deal with their frustration over the PS3 and Xbox 360's success.

Diamondwolf3389d ago

Finally, a fanboy who admits that both console's are successful!

Now we are finally moving forward as a gaming culture, I thought we would be stuck in this cesspool of "I'm better than you because I play on console xxx"

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really duh3392d ago

Moronic trolling won't stop this tech.

KionicWarlord2223392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

well theres some other stuff in Natal :

[email protected] i didnt even hear that....that was hilarious.

xabmol3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

"futuristic visions"

...from 1999.


OmarJA3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Ironically, you the expert on that subject.

All-33392d ago

Sony has asked gamers what they want or think about stuff quite a bit... oh noes, Microsoft is copying Sony again?

Kushan3392d ago

If you understood for even a second how Natal actually works, you'd realise how idiotic your comments are. Here's a hint: Eye Toy/Xbox Vision Cam, etc. all have ONE lens. One. Now, how many eyes do we have? 2. How many cameras does the Natal camera use? 2. Did you ever consider why that is?

Depth. Depth is key. The wiimote uses a sensor bar to calculate depth by tracking 2 points (they get closer together, they must be further away). The PS3 motion tech tracks a brightly lit ball in space. The smaller the ball, the further away it is. A little bit crude, but quite bloody effective if you ask me. Natal uses two cameras to sense depth, just like various animals (including us) do. That's what makes it so special. The way it works has genuinely never been done on a console before. That's why it can track something like 49 points on a human (as opposed to the 1 point the PS3's motion tech can track, or at least one point per stick - but that stick has its own advantages which are a little off topic here), that's why it can support multiple players and that's why all the haters are either fanboys or ignorant fools.

The Master Chief3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Sony Diehards = still trying to to convince themselves Sony invented the technology in Natal.



People forget that Natal has more than 1 camera? and Sensor and multiplie microphones and lets not forget a separate processor. Eye Toy shouldnt be compared to Natal. Compare you Eye Toy with Xbox Live Vision camera instead.

Diamondwolf3389d ago

Agreed, Natal > Eye Toy

but........Sony MoCo isn't anything to sneeze at either having the 2 points be the controllers ie. Head tracking theory

All in all, both consoles have something that is unproven to the masses yet people are arguing over what's better, well guess what.

My 2060 ford flying POS can dust your 2061 pontiac planecar......

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