EVE's Largest Player-Run Bank Embezzled

Massively has just gotten word that EBANK, a player-run bank in EVE Online self-described as "the largest financial entity ever seen in EVE" has been rocked by embezzlement from its own CEO, Ricdic. The former CEO stole roughly 200 billion ISK from EBANK, which is roughly 8.6% of the entire 2.3 trillion ISK that EVE's playerbase has deposited. EBANK chairman Hexxx has issued a statement on the game's official forums, stating that Ricdic has been banned by CCP Games for engaging in RMT, also adding that the former CEO "has scammed."

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Chaos Striker3326d ago

Wow, I was taken aback by the fact that such institutions actually exist in the MMO world. Regardless, the organization and structure of the whole bank is really quite amazing. I never thought that people were capable of managing such entities.