July Version Update Scheduled for Final Fantasy XI

Yes, yes, you're all clamoring about Final Fantasy XIV, but let's get real here people and get to the present. Final Fantasy XI isn't dead yet and it's getting itself a nice version update.

The upcoming version update will bring a new slew of Wings of the Goddess missions as usual, but players will also be able to look forward to seeing brand new areas of past Vana'diel being made available, more job adjustments like what was done with the White Mage, more additions to campaign and Moblin Maze Mongers, and even more that's still being kept secret.

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Xof3389d ago

Though still massively overpriced, FFXI has one of the best communities of any MMOs out there. I hope S-E continues to support it, even after FFXIV comes out.

And while it's absurd that, seven years after launch, the subscription fees remain the same, it'll be even more absurd when S-E doesn't lower those (FFXI) fees when FFXIV comes out.

And yes, I am a kwisatz haderach. Duh.

Myst3389d ago

Well at least they dropped the price of the discs and you still get that month free. So basically the game plus the free month all for the same price. Not to bad of a start, and I agree with it being one of the best communities though only in certain aspects. At some parts people just aren't helpful (as the game intended) and some really choose not to help those in need.

Also they did state in one interview if people kept asking for more stuff and keep playing FFXI they would continue to support it right alongside of XIV

"1UP: So it won't necessarily replace it.
Tanaka: Yes, and that's exactly it. We want them to exist in the same world, to continue on side by side, without one replacing the other. And like we've always said before, as long as the players keep playing FFXI, we're going to continue making the content for it, and that has to do with the expansions as well. If players keep saying that they want to keep playing and that they want these things, then we'll keep providing them for them. For the time being it'll be handled with patches, like we have been doing. As for any announcements on the next MMO, I can't say anything. (June 2008)

(It's a little ways down in spart's post)