Gaming Union: Warriors: Legends of Troy Exclusive Interview

Gaming Union writes "Warriors: Legends of Troy was announced by KOEI shortly before E3 2009, and Gaming Union had the opportunity to sit down with Hiroshi Kadowaki and Michael Bond to discuss the game.

Both are senior figures at KOEI Canada, an offshoot of KOEI that was formed in 2005. Hiroshi Kadowaki is the Manager of the Software Development Department and Michael Bond is the Lead Creator for KOEI Canada, so they're the perfect people to talk about with regards to Warriors: Legends of Troy, and the new direction they're taking the Warriors franchise in."

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Selyah3237d ago

Pretty good interview, the game certainly sounds interesting.

Kyll3237d ago

yeah, I can't wait to see it in action

mephman3237d ago

Yea, the trailer doesn't really give much away.

ShawnCollier3237d ago

Nice to see a KOEI game that isn't made for the Japanese audience.