Joystiq Impressions: Afrika

Joystiq writes: "Better cameras do unlock as you complete assignments and a whole mess of National Geographic footage/stills/information also serve to reward various complete objectives, but none of this makes the "game" any more game-ey. Those of you looking for an interactive African safari simulation, Afrika is for you. For those of you whose first interest is seeing if you can run down a rhino, look elsewhere -- this "game" ain't for you".

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Rifle-Man3179d ago

This is interesting – it's a cool idea.

ptotoy3179d ago

i skip on that POS prototype and get this game.. at least this game looks better

DFogz3179d ago

It really is a great experience. I love it, just wish it was in full 1080p instead of 720 :\ but anyways I'm really a great game everyone should at least see.

Lastlivingsoul3178d ago

on a similar note, has anyone played Aquanaut's Holiday? I was thinking of importing it along with Afrika. I'm kind of a nerd, but I think these games actually sound kinda interesting.