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GamesRadar writes: "Although it's beset by blandish graphics and wickedly uneven difficulty, Prototype delivers a fast-paced, relentlessly amoral and wonderfully brutal sandbox adventure in a detailed city filled with cool things to see and do. Alex Mercer might not be the most sympathetic "hero" out there, but then again, most sympathetic heroes don't have arms that turn into huge, razor-sharp whips".

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Bloodshedder3328d ago

good score, what did they gave Infamous?

krouse933328d ago

these bastards always seem to score PS3 exclusives lower than any other games.

cranium3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I seem to recall them giving LBP a perfect score, but I don't see how anybody could give that game less than a 9.

Edit: After going through their recent reviews I found that they awarded a 9/10 to Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Valkyria Chronicles and MLB 09: the show. They also gave an 8/10 to Motorstorm: PS and Flower, so I wouldn't really say that they're biased. Maybe they just didn't think inFamous was that good? It's not like a 7/10 is a bad score.

raztad3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

This GameRadar site is pure crap. I was expecting this review just to confirm it, look at this excerpt from the inFAMOUS review:

"It’s normally not our policy to compare a game that’s been reviewed to a game that hasn’t, even when the latter is just weeks away from release. However, the few hours we’ve spent playing Prototype have already been considerably more enjoyable than huge swaths of inFamous" <---Prototype wasnt realeased by the time and they were already declaring it teh better.

I love this

You will love
* Cutscenes and story are striking, well-written
* Powers are fun to play around with
* Good-evil choices mean more replayability

You'll hate

* First half starts strong, then kind of plods <---False
* A lot of the side missions are repetitive busywork <--I guess Prototype is more varied?, more so, SIDE missions are optional.
* Empire City just isn't much fun to explore <---What means this sh*t? they dont like platforming?

* Running amok in a huge, detailed city is a lot of fun
* More superpowers than you'll probably ever use
* Cutting down crowds of civilians is a guilty pleasure

You'll hate

* Controls can be really imprecise <---Massive fail IMO
* Bosses are ridiculously tough
* Visuals are gray and unpolished <----Massive fail IMO

Where is Prototype story? Is this a story-less game?
where is the exploration aspect on Prototype?
Is Prototype much diverse than Infamous?

Judging by comments and this very review, Prototype is a 7.0 - 8.0 game from the fun of mindless destruction. I cant spend 60$ in such a game. when it reaches 30$ I'll give it a try.

Final remark, this site is a joke. I smell some agenda working here, don't trust them for reviews.

Evilninja3328d ago

@cranium: Also 9s for Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and MGS4, and 8s for Uncharted, Heavenly Sword and Resistance: Fall of Man.

But inFamous? Oh no, one PS3 exclusive got a 7! I guess that means everyone working there hates Sony.

irish-leprecaun3328d ago

iriesh pr!ck. god i hate u irish.....

ElementX3328d ago

Keep in mind that sites have multiple reviewers. I didn't compare them, but it's not necessarily the same reviewer.

Ju3328d ago

Well, that Mike reviewed both, inFamous and Prototype. He didn't even care to pretend to be objective. Look at his Prototype references in the inFamous review. So a game with bad controls and "bland" graphics gets a 9, and the other a 7 because it has "sticky" controls. Hm, weird. Nothing wrong with that, but he publishes a personal opinion, never so apparent as here.

GiantEnemyCrab3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Who cares... ughhh too late.

SDF Activated!

Form of a conspiracy theory!

Form of a cry baby!

Form of tears!

(oops I guess there are only 2 wonder twins)

EDIT: No just sick of the bullsh*t conspiracy theories that have been going on for years. All the bullsh*t whining crying above me and I'm the extremist for pointing out the obvious?

@1.12: Nah, just your mom and I have her shave it. Once I got past her back hair she wasn't a bad lay. You can call me daddy!

IrishRepublicanArmy3328d ago

i wish u were like most crabs so i couldd eat you!!

ElementX3328d ago

Do you eat pubic crabs?

Back on topic, I bought the game, haven't opened it yet. I've read that the graphics aren't that good, but it's the gameplay that is fun. I think gameplay is more important than graphics. I dunno if I should play the game or return it!

Hockey113328d ago

Crab what happened to you. You are turning into an extremist xbox fan.

irish-leprecaun3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

they tickle my stomick!!

on topic; wat are we talking about again??

HDgamer3328d ago

I'll either rent from gamefly or buy it when it hits $30. Ghostbusters gets my money then blazblue and KOFXII

ElementX3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

Ghostbusters FTW!

I don't care if people give it 7/10. It's Ghostbusters for crying out loud! Basically a third movie in video game form. With the original actors/writers, this game deserves to be bought no matter what!

I'd buy it if it got 3's.

Rofflecopter3328d ago

People need to just shut up already. This game and inFamous are nothing alike except for the fact that they are superpower sandbox games. Story - NOTHING, Gameplay - NOTHING [Button mash vs. platform shooter], Visuals - NOTHING.

I've just spent 3 hours playing prototype and to be honest, it sucks. It was a blast for the first hour. Destruction galore, confusion, more destruction, running at crazy speeds, killing anything and everything. But that's all I've found the game to be. The controls are ridiculous and the visuals are terrible.

I MIGHT give this game a 7/10, but I think that's pushing it.
Stop being fanboys and rate games for what their worth. Comparing this to inFamous is like comparing Halo and Killzone 2 [i.e. same genre, completely different everything].

zoneofenders3328d ago

i think those people must be on crack to give this game a 9....
i mean, wth. is this the first game the reviewer ever played?
you dont need to be a genius to notice those flaws..... all over the place.

raztad3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I know nothing about SDF. Just trying to point out very clear inconsistencies in this review.

A reviewer who doesnt care about a good storytelling, platforming, exploration and just care about mindless destruction cant make a decent inFAMOUS review, and on top of that, BEFORE Prototype is released he was already declaring it the victor, speak volumes.

This guy just had a favorite (as many fans here) BEFORE fully review both games. That is what I mean.



You'r right. S-D-F Funny


Wow. That is sad. A game w/o story CANT get a 9/10 by today standards. Bad controls? bland graphics? just destruction for the sake of it, this is like to play pacman. I'll give it a try later when it is in the bottom of the bargain bin.

IrishRepublicanArmy3328d ago

the SDF is the IRA in disguise!! you see sony gives us money to protect them and defeat the enemy!!
btw funny fact; on the keyboard the letters sdf come after eachother!!!! weird

ZuperAmazingCooKie3328d ago

They're only hurting their own credibility by being discrepant, considering prototype already has a 5 and a 4 out of 10 on its belt, not to mention that nearly all websites gave infamous better scores.

Only Edge will give it a better score, like gamesradar. So who cares?

morganfell3328d ago

There is no story in Prototype. I have returned or traded in maybe 4 games in my life. This will be number 5.

GiantEnemyCrab3328d ago

I noticed problems with inFAMOUS within the first hour. Stuck enemies, walking threw walls and most frustrating is jumping onto a railed balcony only to slide threw the railing and end up hanging on a ledge. Jaggies and not that purdy of a game, severe pop-in at times where the enemies just appear out of nowhere. The cities are all the same, the cars are all the same the dialog is repetitive, side missions repetitive but I see it getting 9's and 10's.

Now if I was to pull what these folks are pulling I would say they ignored those faults on purpose. I've even seen a couple reviews like IGN that point out many of those faults but still score it 9/10.

Conspiracy? Bias? Or maybe the other factors of the game were so enjoyable it made those problems not a big deal.

I tend to think it's the latter.

Ju3328d ago

If its just a "matter of taste" (which is legit, even though I'd like to see objective standards in a professional environment), then give the one game an 8.5 and the other a 9 (or so), and spare me the "Metacritics" comment at the end of (one) review.

HDgamer3328d ago

SDF and XDF are the Illuminati produced by Gill from SFIII. The original found is Seth from SFIV.

zoneofenders3328d ago

both infamous and prototype lacks polishment. sometimes my jaw just dropped when i saw the car disappeared right in front of me in infamous.
and the popin were crazy. prototype on the other hand, dont have these problem thanks to mediocre graphic. but one thing Infamous did right is the core gameplay mechanic. the platforming, the shooting, enemy AI are pretty good ,which can not be said the same for prototype.

the only thing motivates me to beat prototype was the gore.... cause i love gore lol

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Gamer_Politics3328d ago

IGN...has the best review of this prototype garbage....

solidosito3328d ago

this bastard is using drugs jajajaja

boodybandit3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

The only replies you have had for the past several months are all regarding prototype or Infamous. Do you work for the developer of Prototype or are you just a fanatic trying to fuel the flamewar between these two titles?

BTW what is your PSN ID?
I would like to send you an invite to validate your opinion of Infamous since you are such the critic. You must have quite a few trophies to support your opinion, or rather criticism of that title.

Wow kris. I just checked over most of your post since you joined this site. All you have done is praise Prototype even as far back as March (I didn't bother going any further back to see you are doing nothing but spamming and trolling). This is a reponse from you over 2 weeks back:

They will both be fantastic games..
Prototype just delivers more, that's all.

How would you know this is the game hasn't been released?
Yeah Kris we will take your opinion with a grain a salt maybe?

HDgamer3328d ago

He's a developer of that game. If thats true, that shameless plug is very sad.

boodybandit3328d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Khris most likely is just another in a long list of trolls with multiple accounts that just run around this site spreading FUD. It's sad someone would stoop to such extremes over titles like Infamous and Prototype.

No offense to either title (or the people that enjoy them) but they are not exactly mega blockbuster titles. Why would someone put so much effort into trolling these two particular titles if not an attention seeking troll? Most trolls aren't gamers any way. Trolling the net is their main source of entertainment.

It dawned on me tonight that every time I read info on either of these titles I see Khris posting and replying. I was bored and did a quick check on his profile. I actually wish I didn't because I think it's sad and disturbing people take trolling so seriously and put so much effort into it. Why not put some of that energy into what you are pretending to be, a gamer.

boodybandit3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

He obviously has an agenda with protype and a vendetta towards Infamous. I sure hope you are getting paid well for this Khris. If not one can only wonder why you put so much energy into trolling and spamming all Infamous and Prototype news.

Posted 80 DAYS ago:

Infamous looks incredibly dull and repetitive
Ok - if you really really study the videos - even the hardest of die-hard sony defense force fanboys have to admit
a) Infamous' graphics are showing a maximum of 8 guys on screen at once. Prototype has like 50 things at once minimum, all the time
b) Infamous has one power - electricity - it looks super repetitive. I can't even describe how many powers I've seen in the Prototype videos but it's wayy more varied. Infamous gets boring fast.
c) Prototype at comic con absolutely slayed people - the gfx are amazing - the videos simply don't do it justice
d) Infamous just looks really repetitive - it's just something about their videos that screams 'over-hyped'.