The Portable Gamer Review: Flight Control for iPhone

TPG writes: "Last week, gaming developer Firemint released an update to one of the five-star-rated apps in the App Store. Flight Control has become a bestseller and has been responsible for endless minutes spent controlling multiple aircraft and landing them on a couple of different runways. And now with the newly added helicopter pad, players can direct a few choppers in for a safe landing, as well. As a gameplay feature, each aircraft has varying speeds, which makes it an exciting challenge to avoid midair collisions. As a prior air traffic control employee, I totally loved this game. At first glance you might think, "What's the big deal in directing planes to the proper runway and watching them land?" But no matter what you think, the game becomes addictive quite quickly, partly due to its simplistic playability."

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Neco5123328d ago

I can only imagine how tough being a real traffic controller would be

DaRockSays3328d ago

tuf looking game. i bet it is hard in real life. look how many plane goin dif directions in tha screen

CrAppleton3329d ago

Can you imagine someone like me working as flight control?

Spolodaface3328d ago

The screens look kinda boring, but the game sounds pretty awesome.

It's surprising to hear that Air Traffic Control is fun in game-form as last I heard, air traffic controllers had the highest suicide rate in the air-force.

That was a bit of a glum statement actually, sorry folks.

Neco5123328d ago

Sounds cool, yea they look a little boring though

Mindboggle3328d ago

I have it and its brilliant. Its only 59p so you cant go wrong. If you have an iphone or itouch you have to get it..

Neco5123328d ago

I wanna see crazy crashes on the runway

supercharger51503328d ago

I'm all for any game that has "Jolly good" in it!! lol

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