Sony release PSP demo for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is due for release on the PSP in just a few weeks. To celebrate the launch of it, Sony have released a playable demo of the game for the PSP.

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Vip3r3324d ago

I've got about 8 copies of the demo on UMD in the post as I type this. :D

Socomer 19793324d ago

Weird. I am playing monster hunter right demo right now.
The crab monster is a bastard. I'm trying out the longsword & a melée mouse.

New to the series so excuse me I don't know any charachters name.

Kevin McCallister3324d ago

He's not so hard once you attack his weak point. It causes massive damage...

zoneofenders3324d ago

me myself as a vetern MHP player, always want to hear what the western audience have to say about this title.

Myst3324d ago

Crabs are relatively weak to the hammer (at least that's what I've noticed from personal experience) Going after those legs with those swings will make it tumble like a house of cards in a few hits (Well most of the time at least!)

Myst3324d ago

This demo has been out for a while has it not? I remember playing it last month and trying to figure out the attacking patterns of the new monsters. Though I will say thanks capcom for at bringing out a demo though it was nice to see some new monsters on the field after playing Freedom 2 for a while :).

Redempteur3324d ago

yep the demo was out in may

George Sears3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Have around 800 hours on Freedom 2. Unlocked pretty much everything that I wanted and have millions to spare so I decided to make a female character now. Already reached HR6 solo with her. =P

Was relatively easy to blaze through the game since I already knew all the new monsters attack patterns.

Can't wait for Unite.