Six Days in Fallujah still without a publisher

TVGB: "When Six Days in Fallujah was dropped by Konami it left the developers Atomic Games in an unenviable position. Without a publisher, Atomic found themselves with a $20m shooter that may never see the light of day. Almost two months later and, despite continuing development on the game, their situation remains the same."

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RememberThe3573394d ago

People can be really sensitive when you push on sensitive subjects. I'm sure they'll find someone to put it out.

I'd play it.

eyeDEVOUR3394d ago

im sure microsoft would do it if they can have it

WildArmed3394d ago

thats sad.
We have enuf bankruptcy going around, hopefully some1 will pick it up.
Even though i dont care 4 the game itself

Whitefeather3394d ago

Good. Hope this never gets published, its way way too soon.

Gamer_Politics3394d ago

i'd love to play this game long as it offers 100% realism

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