Id Software unveils 'secret' iPhone game: Doom Resurrection

Id Software co-founder and CTO John Carmack has hinted in recent months about a "secret" project that was happening in parallel with his own efforts to bring his company's "classic" titles to the iPhone. That project was unveiled Wednesday: Doom Resurrection.

Due for release in a month or so at a price still to be determined, Doom Resurrection isn't another retread of a classic Doom game. It's a completely new effort, a first-person shooter designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game uses assets originally developed for Doom 3, Id Software's 2005 reboot of the legendary first-person shooter franchise.

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PS360WII3325d ago

well I thought it was cool -.- a brand new Doom game and coming out for the iPhone! Very nice. Glad Carmack is enjoying the iPhone and hope the Doom Classic is nearing completion :)