The Agency Demo Video with Kevin O'Hara

The Agency Senior Game Designer Kevin O'Hara had a mission if he chose to accept it: sneak into the Bergerbilder Estate and photograph the security measures, then get out alive. With the help of two SOE game developers, he hacked the security grid and sneaked through the laser gates and past the guards into the estate. Then his character quickly donned their "alias" eveningwear, gliding through the soirée crowd and distracting the guards to get close enough to take an in-focus and properly framed photographs of the security setup. All was going smoothly, then came quite a twist, courtesy of the evil Das Kommittee's Dr. Kessler.

If you've been waiting for a top to bottom overview of the upcoming espionage-fueled MMO's core co-op gameplay and more hints about how the game ties together into a massively online experience, you'll find it in this action-packed 15 minute E3 2009 video demo of The Agency!

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Christopher3389d ago

Been waiting for the first NA PS3 MMO to see how it will play out and was expecting this by this Winter. Hope they're closer to finishing it than they seem to be indicating.

WildArmed3389d ago

omg that wasnt fantastic!
I can't believe that there isnt a secret beta going on!
I mean.. holy moly!
I can't wait!
Agency just shot up to my most wanted list now

whothedog3389d ago

wow this game does not look that good, I was excited for this but not a so much after seeing this video.

It looks like you can't jump in the game which I hate.

SmokingMonkey3389d ago

at the very end, Dr. Kessler is in the chopper.

Now i only know Kessler as "the guy from inFamous"

you know the "guy"

rmedtx8883389d ago

Very interesting game. I would love to beta-test it.