Xboxist: Prototype Review

Xboxist writes: "If there is a weak point to this game, it is that the controls will need getting used to, especially when running up the buildings. Sometimes you will slide off or lose your footing while running up certain structures. It is kind of hard not to hit civilians even with the lock on feature the chaos is just too great, even when driving I had a hard time maneuvering through crowds of panicked people. Be warned, it is a sandbox game and I say this because many have short attention spans and complain it is repetitive. It can be somewhat tedious at times, but with all the gore and action it is still a fun game. The graphics are amazing and the game play keeps flowing with excitement and you have the choice. If you do feel lost; Image Comics had put out a Prototype Series so you can catch up on the back story of Alex Mercer. With that said I shall give Prototype 4 memory links out of 5, this game will be out on June 9th for PS3, PC and Xbox 360 stay frosty gamers!"

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cherrypie3204d ago

Currently Prototype has 9.1/10 on Metacritic.

PirateThom3204d ago

XBox 360 version is on 82. Neither have all the reviews in though.

It'll probably even out around 85.

ptotoy3204d ago

if this reviewer had the privilege of playing inFAMOUS, which makes prototye look like crap next to it

sorry, xbots, inFAMOUS is better like what i've been saying all year long