The games that were brought back from the dead

Gamesradar put together a list to tenuously coincide with this weekend's religious celebrations. They've covered the self-proclaimed gaming saviours that were crucified by the critics and now they celebrate the resurrections - the games long thought dead and buried that were given a new lease life...

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Brandon4271d ago

prince of persia was my second game, the first was wolf3d. you had to finish the game in 1 hour in order to save the princess across 10 levels if i remember well

specialguest4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Timing on when to jump was crucial. Later, games like Out of this World(Another World) and Flashback used a very similar gameplay style.

theagony4271d ago

Another World: Amiga
Flashback: Amiga
The last ninja: Commodore 64
Shadow of the beast 2: Amiga
Eye of the beholder: Amiga
Xout: Commodore 64
Super Cars: Amiga
Lotus 1: Amiga

ItsDubC4271d ago

Yes, Turrican is an amazing game series. I'd like to see BattleToads get resurreccted. O ya, anyone remember Burger Time on the NES? I'd like some of that action in 3 dimensions. Plus, 3D burgers just seem more delectable.

Rasputin20114271d ago

Turok I was reading an article about it in a recent copy of the Xbox magazine(the one with the demo of Def Jam:Icon) and it looks and sounds amazing.

ASSASSYN 36o4271d ago

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