PSi: Prototype Review

PSi writes: "At this point, it would probably be redundant for me to say that Prototype is a must-buy, but there is one more issue that needs to be addressed. I've been asked several times if Prototype is better or worse than inFAMOUS, another awesome sandbox action game. If you want an answer, you won't get one from me -- both are fantastic games that deserve your time and money. What I can say is this: if you want a fascinating story, choose inFAMOUS. However, if you want unparalleled carnage, it doesn't get any better than Prototype. Regardless, you should definitely pick up a copy of this game the minute it becomes available".

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SupaPlaya3352d ago

is just all over the place.

Rifle-Man3352d ago

Can someone please tell me if this game is "awful and unplayable" or the "best action game of '09?"

Because it can't be both.

ChampIDC3352d ago

It's clearly both simultaneously o.O

snaz273352d ago

i have a guy on my friends list that i saw was playing it so i asked him what he thought, he said the story evolves quite well but the graphics arent that great and the controls are confusing, he said its a rental... i agree tho that the reviews are all over the place (which is why i asked him in the first place), i guess its a love or hate kinda game... i might get it preowned when its cheap in a few months or something.