Tales of Vesperia PS3 Release Date Announced

A new Weekly Shonen Jump scan has revealed the release date for the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia, which originally appeared on the Xbox 360 almost a year ago. The PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia includes numerous extras and changes, such as a brand new character, Patty Fleur, the addition of new bosses like the Sword Dancer, Flynn being playable for more that just one battle, among other changes. The game will also be fully voiced and will include new and altered scenes, such as Yuri fighting Don Whitehorse when the party visits Keiv Moc.

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chaosatom3323d ago

"The PlayStation 3 port will be released on September 17th in Japan."

ShawnCollier3323d ago

I'm starting to doubt they'll release the port in North America, unless they do a surprise announcement. They didn't do it at E3 like they did with Eternal Sonata.

It seems like this port is focused a lot more on the Japanese crowd, with the new loli pirate and all of the extras being added like full voice overs.

irish-leprecaun3323d ago

they can have micro's money but not mine.

mephman3323d ago

It's not even our in Europe yet ¬_¬

RememberThe3573323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

I agree. I wasn't expecting it to release on the PS3 at all. But, it's just too late for me to get into it at all. But, you never know. I might decide to give it a rent.

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ptotoy3323d ago

i'll be busy with WKC and Demon's Soul, which is a real man's rpg not some kiddie anime crap for tweeners aka the majority of xbots


If they weren't putting in so much new content, you can bet they'd release this in the US. Though after the swan dive that the 360 version did sales wise, they're probably going to just forget the US audience. Though that didn't stop them with Eternal Sonata....

jack_burt0n3323d ago

if its got english text option will def import in order to have an rpg b4 the year ends *sigh*

SpoonyRedMage3323d ago

I think Resonance of Fate's coming out at the end of this year so there's still hope! and it's one both PS3 and 360 owners can enjoy!

Kyll3323d ago

sweetcakes! Waiting has prevailed! xD

[email protected]3323d ago

Me too, I might if a US version will be release late or early next year.