EA: Burnout Devs Making "Revolutionary" Need For Speed

From Kotaku: "At E3, the head of EA told us that Burnout and Need For Speed won't be merged into one brand. Instead, team Burnout is shifting, for now, to make a new Need For Speed.

During my interview with EA CEO John Riccitiello last week at E3, I asked if EA's two big racing brands, Need for Speed and Burnout, would be merging into one.

No, Riccitiello said, but the Burnout team at EA's Criterion Games, led by Alex Ward, are making the next Need for Speed. "Alex is one of the people in the industry I would analogize to the great filmmakers, etc.," Riccitiello said. "He is a true creative visionary. We had a great fight about what the next Need For Speed would be like. Of course, he gets to win because it's his call. It's not that I'm without an opinion on it.""

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Cajun Chicken3394d ago

These guys should really be making a next gen Road Rash. Wait, how many NFS games are we going to have over this year and the next?