Daily Joystick: Prototype Review

From the review: "Almost 20 hours of my life have been sucked into the game at the time of writing this and I've not really been paying much attention to the main storyline – just gleefully jumping from rooftop to rooftop. If you are a gamer that doesn't own a PS3 and was saddened by the release of the brilliant InFamous on the Playstation exclusively, you should be happy that this game is being released multiplatform. Is it as good? No, it doesn't feel quite as polished as InFamous nor as atmospheric but in terms of hours of fun available it is a worthwhile alternative."

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WildArmed3357d ago

lol this guy started the review off with infamous vs prototype.
apparently to him, infamous>Prototype.

I havent finished prototype yet, but I kinda agree

ptotoy3357d ago

No.. lol, poor xbots stuck with the inferior game for the whole summer.. then, in the fall, there's GOTY Uncharted 2 only on the PS3.. cry more, xbots