iPhone 3G S Processors Revealed

T-Mobile spills the beans on what the new handheld is packing under the hood..T-Mobile Netherlands launched a specifications page that shows the exact processing improvements of the new device.

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nbsmatambo3386d ago

dang thats pretty fast...

NaAsAr3386d ago

i have read that the iphone 3g has a 600mhz arm cpu just underclocked for battery life.

Bonsai12143386d ago

^^ yeah, thats true. both the 3gs and 3g processors are underclocked.

that phone is faster than the imac i have in my study. haha

somekindofmike3386d ago

256mb of RAM in a phone! ha!

my first PC came packed with 64mhz processor & 16MB of RAM, I can't even remember what the hard drive size was, but it was definitely significantly under 1GB, it's amazing how quickly things advance!

likedamaster3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Not too shabby. I can see it now. New iPhone 3GS, PSP killer? Hiphopgamer write it down. Btw, whatever happened to him? Haven't heard from him. Oh well, life goes on.