GameZine Review: Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

GameZine writes: "I'm getting fed up of the whole genre, really. They're all so samey, and the saving grace of the best of them – storyline and characters – are usually absent in favour of whiny American-voiced Japanese-anime-looking teenagers on some ridiculous fate-of-the-world mission that's impossible to take seriously."

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Forrest Gump3182d ago

Very Square Enix-ish score.

TheColbertinator3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Whoa whoa.Its not a 6,its easily an 8.The only problem I had was the shortness and the characters.Other than that,the combat system was good

Look,Gamezine got this wrong

"That all said, this is still a much more enjoyable game than Tri-Ace’s last attempt, The Last Remnant."

Incorrect.Tri-Ace did not develop Last Remnant,that was Cavia(Unlimited Saga/Drakengard).Tri-Ace developed Infinite Undiscovery


SpoonyRedMage3182d ago

You beat me to it but you too are incorrect. The Last Remnant was made internally by SaGa team, who are notoriously hit or miss.

TheColbertinator3182d ago

Yeah I got confused as well Heh heh

techie3181d ago

it's all very confusing lol

SpoonyRedMage3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

I stopped reading when they said The Last Remnant was Tri-ace's last game. They obviously have no clue what they're on about.

I must question their prior experience with JRPGs or if they've played any at all. Especially considering the complaints...

techie3181d ago

hardly that important, a sh*t game is a sh*t game, no matter who made it.