TGR Review- InFamous

You've got guts to name your game inFamous. If it's a flop, you've served critics the headline on a silver platter; "At least they got the title right." Thankfully, the game is anything but - and one of the finest titles of the year.

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italianbreadman3149d ago

Played a little. It's really fun, but in the early stages makes me wish it had less shooting.

SirLarr3149d ago

Still waiting on this one from Gamefly.

stewie328873149d ago

They really need to stop putting out good games for awhile, cause my backlog is freaking huge.

SlamVanderhuge3149d ago

really dying to get my hands on this one.

mr durand pierre3149d ago

For awhile I couldn't decide if I'd rather Sucker Punch do Sly 4 or inFamous 2 next. After completing inFamous though, I definitely want the sequel before all else.

reddevilyi3148d ago

I wish I had a PS3 so I could play this.

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