Electronic Arts Confirms Battlefield 3 In Development

G4TV writes: "Criterion Games working on a Need For Speed game wasn't the only surprising bit of news that Electronic Arts chief operating office John Pleasants tucked into his presentation at the William Blair Growth Stock Conference I listened to today. Pleasants confirmed he's seen DICE's work on Battlefield 3."

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Eric7943358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )


please just be PC exclusive.

3358d ago
terrandragon3358d ago

Is there really something wrong with console versions? I'm just asking.

TheIneffableBob3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Consoles have Bad Company.
PC should get to have BF3.

TheBand1t3358d ago

I'll be pissed if the console Battlefields don't have airplanes.

evrfighter3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

other than consoles having to be hardware limited by its memory? 4gb has been the standard in ram for awhile now. Bf2 was one of the first games to really require 2gb of ram

But this is EA we're talking about...I doubt it stays on the platform it should be on.

SteelyPhil3358d ago

bf2 definitely didn't require 2gb of ram. that game preformed alright on a couple crappy computers of mine.

evrfighter3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I know how that was I had a bare minimum system that played bf2
athlon xp 1500 @ 1.3ghz (iirc)
PCI geforce 5700
Trust me I know exactly what you mean.

but what I mean is. Bf2 probably sold more 2x1gb kits than anything else in that time period. It was noted in tons of reviews that 2gb was the way to go. This was the game that finally got me to build my first gaming pc actually. and back then 2gb of ram was anywhere in between $150-$200. Nowadays a 4gb kit can be bought from as low as $45

It would be disheartening to see DICE not take advantage of todays gaming pc for Battlefield 3

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Pandamobile3358d ago

Agreed. I really hope we get a PC exclusive BF game again.

I'd love like 80+ person servers. Remake the classic maps from BF2 in the new engine like Karkand.

Bout' damn time too, I've been waiting for a BF3 announcement since 2006 :(

TheBand1t3358d ago

They should do a remake of Battlefield Vietnam. I absolutely loved that game to pieces.

Especially with Point of Existence 1.

TheColbertinator3358d ago

As long as its PC exclusive,I'm happy.

M337ING3358d ago

Since the Bad Company franchise was supposed to be the console-oriented spin-off, I'm pretty sure this one will be built around the PC.

Fingers crossed. EA made a lot of money off of 2, and they shouldn't worry about piracy given its a multiplayer game.

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