Fairytale Fights Official Gameplay Trailer

Majiesto from PS3 Attitude writes; "If reading our preview didn't give you enough reason to love the upcoming Fairytale Fights from PlayLogic, then perhaps a trailer showcasing the beautiful scenery all covered in blood will. We have the latest trailer from the game revealing the Volumetric Liquid System and Salami Violence in action…"

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Brodiesan3328d ago

It's like a cross between Fat Princess and ... Jeffery Dahmer

Brodiesan3328d ago

Jeffery Dahmer and blood don't go hand in hand?

What's freaking me out is the music. It's just so ... off-putting. In a good way of course.

majiesto3328d ago

Happy Tree Friends! So cute and innocent looking...then all of a sudden you see one of their faces get ripped off!