IGN: 10 Biggest Gaming Surprises of E3 2009

E3 has come and gone, but IGN is still reeling from it. Yes, that's partly still the hangover, but it's mostly because so many huge games came out of nowhere and blew them away. Here are the ten that had the biggest impact.

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La Chance3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

1 : FF14....until you learn its and MMO...

2 : MGS Rising

3 : The Agent, wasnt expecting Rstar to ever go exclusive again.

4 : Crackdown 2, I was kind of expecting it but they just showed the trailer out of nowhere.

5 : The quality of Splinter Cell Conviction, wasnt expecting it to look that cool, a billion times more appealing than the first version of Conviction.Im really really sold for this one.

And though it wasnt a suprise its kind of surprisng that MSFT kept Forza 3 under wraps till 5 months before release not a single screenshot, not a word...nothing at all!!

Its simply crazy, they announce Forza 3, one of their their biggest games for 2009 and we know that we'll be playing it in less than 6 months...crazy!

Real Gambler3353d ago

But somehow, I would try to slip Modnation in the list as well... Came out of nowhere, highly creative, and basic fun... But I'm not sure which games I would remove for it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3353d ago

I think MS strategy is to only release information on games far enough into development that a release is within 6-12 months if not sooner. All their recent announcement seems to go that way.

SnuggleBandit3353d ago

** a *** mmo...not and mmo

but ya i have to agree i was really excited about it until the end of the trailer lol

life doomer3353d ago

how is alan wake surprising? more like disappointing.

Forrest Gump3353d ago

Not if you're a fan of Alone In The Dark.

really duh3353d ago

IMO more exciting than most games at E3 only being beat by Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell.

jdktech20103353d ago

Please explain your statements.....any monkey on the internet can make a claim that it was disappointing but it doesn't hold a lot of weight without reasoning

Anyway, I was shocked by Natal and what's possible with it if they get it completely right. Amazing stuff.

I was also shocked by L4D2 (and thankful since I was about to buy #1 on pc but now I just wait and get the 2nd one)

I loved The Old Republic's trailer and want to know more about it. I got sick of WoW because it was just a job but I would love an MMO with a story to draw you in andk eep you there instead of the grinding

Lot's of good stuff and those are just a few of the things I'm very excited for

Foxgod3353d ago

Then dont buy Alan wake, Remedy wont miss your money, cause this game is gonna break the charts.

Pistolero3353d ago

That is such a pathetic attempt at cutting down Alan Wake by acting like it is just like Alone in the Dark. How does someone as dumb as that second guy have that many bubbles? Anyway, Alan Wake looked badass and it was one of the best games of the show. The depth of the narrative, the open world, the solid looking gameplay mechanics and the amazing graphics sold me on it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3353d ago

I wasn't interrested in Alan Wake before, but after seeing the trailer and the narration I'm expecting it to be as good as (if not better than) Bioshock in terms of storytelling!

I looking forward to it.

II Necroplasm II3353d ago

The only people really doubting Alan Wake is you know who. Yet they all say they have high end PC's and will buy it on PC lol

TheCagyDies3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Alan Wake is Alone in the Dark???
I don't think Alan is going to scream "I'm the lightbringer, I'm the fvcking universe!" (for those who completed Alone in the Dark)

The Master Chief3353d ago

"What do you get when you announce a game way before you're ready to really pony up and show it? A lot of expectations, that's what. Alan Wake, from talented studio Remedy, takes equal parts Stephen King and Silent Hill and blends them together with a large dollop of American gothic storytelling and intense action.

What we saw at E3 totally took us by surprise; it's been years in the making, but when you see the seamless action, gut-churning suspense and incredible graphics and lighting effects (those flares are out of this world), you'll understand why it took this long. The combination of tight storytelling, cool combat and a massive overworld make Alan Wake one of E3 2009's biggest surprises. "

IGN sure seems impressed with Alan Wake. I wonder why no PS3 games made the list? :)

Syronicus3352d ago

My main concern is this, I hope that what we saw was the lions share of shooting for that game and that the rest of the game has less shooting and more horror survival to it. I just don't want it to suffer from the same RE5 issue of turning a survival horror game into an action shooter in the dark.

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doshey3353d ago

1. L4D 2 i cant believe that was announced i never would of saw that coming.

2.the agent

3. Sonys motion controller i really only expected something better than the crapaxis but i was way wrong

4. MS motion control

5. MAG it looks a lot better than what i though it was going to be

6. Alan wait finally showing itself

7. Splinter Cell Conviction

thats really as far as i want to go

sunnygrg3353d ago

I didnot expect Final fantasy 14 in this E3. Maybe TGS but not this E3.

KionicWarlord2223353d ago

ALAn wake




AGENT announcement

now time to dance

cliffbo3353d ago

natal = eyetoy and it aint any better

II Necroplasm II3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Is the eyetoy on Xbox? Thought so. Think before you speak

and it ain't any better? lol, Natal isn't even out yet, not even close to being released.

The Master Chief3353d ago

Natal = Eyetoy + 3D depth sensing technology, facial recognation, voice recognation, Infra-red technology so it works in the dark, can tell when you smile frown(emotion reading technology)

So basically the only things in common with Natal and eyetoy is that their camera that can sense movement.

But keep trying to lend Microsoft's innovations to Sony, wouldn't except anymore from you Sony fanboys. You should be whining about Sony directly ripping of the Wii-mote, not Microsoft for trying to do something new.

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