SEGA wants your money through XBLA

From GameFocus:

Six games from the SEGA Classic catalog are now available for download over the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Just so you know, all these games, except Gunstar Heroes, are also available on the $30 Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection that was released early this year.

So you either pay $30 for all six games or you can have 49 games in total for the same price if you buy the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection.
Your call, gamer!

UPDATE: SEGA responds (

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Myst3266d ago

Can someone please verify if their is supposed to be any difference between the games that are on the Ultimate Collection versus the ones that are being released on XBLA?

Although from the response that they have given I would assume not. It seems like the best choice is to just get the Ultimate Genesis Collection, then get whatever game did not appear on the collection.

BigPimpJayQc3266d ago

Quick Rundown of the Vintage Collection:
• Re-worked for High-Definition
• Online Leaderboards
• Network Play (Excludes Phantasy Star 2, Comix Zone, Shinobi)

There are differences but then it really worth it to pay in double?

Myst3266d ago

Ah, thank you so it still pretty much is best to get the collection and just purchase the games that were left out.

Wriggy3266d ago

There's also the addition of achievements though the better option would be to pick up the Mega Collection. :)

ChampIDC3266d ago

$5 for Gunstar Heroes is definitely worth it at least. I don't own a copy of the game (legally at least XD). Now's my chance finally.

SpoonyRedMage3266d ago

I don't see anything wrong with it really. It's just another option. Perhaps you only want one or two of the games?