Milo and Me – A look at Project Natal's star

Variety writes:

"While Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Steven Spielberg turned a lot of heads at Microsoft's E3 press conference, the name on everyone's lips as they walked out of the Galen Center was Milo.

Was the star of Peter Molyneux's Project Natal tech demo pre-rendered? Did the technology work as well as it seemed to in the video he showed? Or were we being subjected once again to Molyneux's infectious enthusiasm for a project that doesn't quite live up to our expectations?

During E3, I was able to spend a little time with Milo and see the little guy in action.

The good news is: Yes, the demo does act much as Microsoft showed during the E3 video. A young boy chats with you and reacts to your words and voice tone.

The downside is the technology is still remarkably young – and while it's fascinating (and even a little creepy), it's unclear how Molyneux's Lionhead Studios will be able to convert it into a fun game. (And make no mistake; Milo is part of a game.)"

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KionicWarlord2223356d ago

Right now, Molyneux says, Milo recognizes between 500 and 1,000 words. The plan, once the game ships, will be to digitally push recognizable words on a regular schedule, perhaps even nightly. This will allow Milo to discuss current events with you. (Molyneux cited an example of Milo being upset that Adam lost on “American Idol”.)

that would be cool if ever day milo gets words in till hes a teenager.

lol joking

ShabzS3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

I wonder what kind of Achievements they'll have....

Achievement Unlocked 5G: Wingman

Got Milo Layed !

Edit @ Below: HAHAHA ROLF

KionicWarlord2223356d ago

That would be funny i could here Peter Molyneux :

" You see the emotions milo is expression is very AMAZINNNG. "He took the condom from your hand. Scanned it. And put it on. " " We are doing stuff here that no one has ever dreamed of".


JokesOnYou3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

"The Ballad of Milo's Sexual Escapades"

-lol, can you imagine the wife coming home and catching you talking to Milo about the "Birds and the Bee's"? lmfao

"But honey the boys got to grow up sometime."


edit vvvvv Just relax, cg and hidef, nobody thinks Milo will be a real boy like Pinnochio, lol we its cool to talk about all the possibilities and what "ifs" and with Milo theres some pretty damm hilarious potential.

Christopher3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Love that Molyneux is happy with the new technology, but no way will they be doing daily, weekly, or monthly pushes of updated content to Milo unless you're paying for it.

This is typical Molyneux, though. He always over-sells what they will do with their games. Raise a dog? Watch as your family ages with you? Experience content that will ultimately determine your outcome as a good or evil person, as long as you don't eat any good or evil influencing food?

Anyway, the best of luck to Molyneux and the Milo team in making this as real and enjoyable as possible.

P.S. My goal with Milo will be to teach it to sing I'm so Ronery from Team America, horrible accent and all.

Edit: Love the disagrees even though I agree that this is something that could be neat. Only thing I'm saying won't happen is the frequent updates. Why? Because it costs a lot of money.

@JokesOnYou: No clue where I said this was their attempt to make it real. I only said that there are costs involved in updating its recognition patterns, and you know we'll be paying for those costs.

Tony P3356d ago

I'd love to see tech of this kind in an RPG. Waaaay far off probably.

HighDefinition3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Has Anything Peter Molyneux said ever came true? The answer is no.
Go and look at what he said Fable for Xbox was gonna be like.

Don`t get me wrong Lionhead is a great dev team, Fable2 is one of my favorite 360 titles out but that does change the fact he`s somewhat of a "dreamer" that doesn`t really follow through completely on his ideas. I wouldn`t listen to what he says about Milo, w/o a bit of skepticism, If I were you guys.


"Molyneux has gained a bit of infamy in regards to his over-hyping of games he has worked on, dating back to Black & White. He has a habit of making too many promises about features and content in his games that end up either not being included or not actually as good as he made it seem."

That`s all I`m saying. I`m excited too, but lets keep this in perspective.

Tito Jackson3356d ago

is never a funny subject, but i would be interested in knowing how milo reacts to foul language and how he reacts when you yell at him.

Eiffel3356d ago

He pulls out a a cell phone and dials 911.

I'm only kidding but that would scare the hell of me.

3356d ago
really duh3356d ago

Calm down HighDefinition who said anything about a artificial being living in a box.

Christopher3356d ago

No one... including HighDefinition...

Milky Joe3356d ago

I'm more than happy with the technology behind it and all and what it could mean for games in the future buy seriously... We're talking about a virtual 12 year old... Who on earth would want to spend any great amount of time talking to it when they could be either talking to a real person or playing a game?

Like I said, the tech is great, Milo, however, is a waste of time imo.

HighDefinition3356d ago

"its cool to talk about all the possibilities and what "ifs" and with Milo theres some pretty damm hilarious potential."

I`m cool w/ that, I`m just sayin.

@really duh

I have NO clue what your talking about.

ChozenWoan3356d ago

Wonder if Milo would like an Eye Pet.

Then the two of them could play all day long together while your away... until Milo fell down a well and them Eye Pet would try to get you to go rescue him by jumping up and down. There's just no telling what adventures those two could have.

Megatron083356d ago

"Achievement Unlocked 5G: Wingman

Got Milo Layed !"

Only 5G for getting your/his 1st piece off ass that kind of sucks. You got to wait like 10 years till he's old enough on top of that or is it on top of her.

GiantEnemyCrab3356d ago

"Then the two of them could play all day long together while your away... until Milo fell down a well and them Eye Pet would try to get you to go rescue him by jumping up and down. There's just no telling what adventures those two could have."

That just made me LOL. Thinks "Marley and Me" but with Milo and EyePet.

cliffbo3356d ago

that is complete bull it has already been proven by half a dozen jurnos were privy to this molynu has already stated that it does not recognise the words only the tone of your voice at this time and besides milo himself was controlled by someone at the side this has been confirmed by several sites so far and also it was pre rendered using the ut3 engine once again ms lie again this tech is still years away.

and natal is just an eyetoy nothing more

AKNAA3356d ago

I'm surprised that Micheal jackson didn't appear as a ms celebrity guest to support milo! LOL!

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ShabzS3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

In order to introduce yourself to Milo, you have to stand in front of Project Natal’s camera and clearly say your name, then exit camera range. The next time you step in front of it and wave or say hello to Milo, he’ll hop off of his swing and greet you personally. He even noted the change of clothes of one of the Lionhead employees during the demo. (“You’re wearing green today. It looks good on you.”)

God damn it guys ... this is too creepy

KionicWarlord2223356d ago

I didnt see that. Thats really creepy.

Myst3356d ago

Welcome to the future, Welcome to the future, Welcome to the future


Christopher3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Color recognition is actually fairly old. Same tech painting companies use now to match paint to whatever you bring them. They've even got a portable device with a camera lens on the bottom that you can click on anything in your house and it will give you the pain type from various companies as well as color wheel choices for complimentary colors to go along with it.

@Disagreers: Any attempt to prove what I said was wrong or are you just disagreeing because I'm not going to just be ignorant and go forward and say Microsoft created AI that's never been seen before? Come on guys, wake up and realize that just because it's not new tech doesn't make it just as good or enjoyable.

KionicWarlord2223356d ago

I wonder when this comes out will milo be 12?

GiantEnemyCrab3356d ago

Exciting stuff. I can't wait to see where this tech is applied I just hope it wasn't a huge tease from MS and this tech won't be used for years. It sounds like Natal will be here Fall 2010 but games applying this Milo style tech who knows.

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