Digital Battle: Help Wanted Review–The World Will Be Saved By Cheap Child Labor

Digital Battle writes: "The Wii, it becomes more and more clear to me, is a thoroughly Japanese system. Where the PS3 and the Xbox 360 might play games that have big involved storylines or lots of explosions and sociopathic destruction in general, much like American cinema in general, the Wii has the games that are the most out of left field. I say this having watched several dozen Japanese movies and, in many cases, being positively baffled by what I watch. Don't believe me? Go get a copy of Crazy Lips some time and see if that end sequence makes your eyes pop too. But I digress. Once again, I've found a Wii game that steadfastly refuses all known conventions in favor it its own sheer bizarrity. That game, specifically, is Help Wanted."

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