GamePro: ModNation Racers: Test Drive E3 Preview

From the creative minds at United Front Games, who are collectively made up of people who've worked on the Need for Speed series, Skate, Bully, and others comes the quirky create-your-own-racing-game title ModNation Racers. GamePro went behind closed doors to take a closer look at this promising racer and see what makes it tick at this year's E3.

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thomo18883323d ago

Really enjoyed LBP as long as there are enough tracks tools to make every one created different.

spunnups3323d ago

Well, the developers did say that all of the tracks being put into the game were made with the same level creator we get to play around with, just like LBP.

FamilyGuy3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

This looks more fun than Little Big Planet. Create your own level can get tedious but the simple fast way you do it here looks fun, plus you can do all sorts of wacky things since the track can overlap as often as you want, raise mountain high and it'd be cool if you could drive through a created lake (the video showed the lake going over track so why not?)

Kleptic3323d ago

totally agree...LBP is great...its a blast to play others levels...but I did find it a bit overwhelming to create my own very often...its fun...but to make a good one it takes 10s of hours...

this looks a lot more fun to me, at least on the creation side of things...its like a customizable mario kart with better graphics...can't really be bad from what I can tell...