GameZone: Prototype Review

GameZone writes:

"Prototype has a ton of potential, which some solid mechanics and a big world to explore. Unfortunately, that world is ultimately gimped by weak missions and rough combat."

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OmarJA3358d ago

inFamous killer confirmed... what ?

WildArmed3358d ago

Whenever a review starts with.
Game X has a ton of potential, u know that it didnt reach its potential n the reviewer wasnt happy :/

slave2Dcontroller3358d ago

I was just about to but Prototype last night. I just finished inFamous on FAMOUS and though this would be a good follow up after I beat inFamous on well.... INFAMOUS. I read the ign review which made me hold off, then the install issues surface and now another mediocre review.

Technical install issues and luke-warm reviews have resulted in a no purchase. Guess I'll just wait for Crackdown2.

xjoshbx3358d ago

Prototype is great, if you're enjoying inFamous you'll also enjoy prototype. So far prototype doesn't seem quiet as polished or as neat as infamous, but it's still a good game.

Bottom line is if you enjoyed infamous you will enjoy prototype.

chidori6663358d ago

another GREAT score..


3358d ago