Sony Confident With PSP Go Price

If you're looking longingly at the PSP Go and hoping to get it cheaper, don't wait, because according to Sony Europe, there won't be a price cut for a while. Rep Andrew House has mentioned that Sony is happy with the price point for Europe, noting that that demographic is less price driven than others.

"If it's cheaper would we sell more? The answer would probably be yes," he said, adding, "I think on PlayStation 3, and the potential with an extension of PSP, we've got an opportunity to go even further on that. The overall value proposition which, by the way, European consumers get very, very well, I don't think they are as price driven as other markets."

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Raoh3324d ago


they fooling themselves.

its smaller, lighter, no umd option.. by all accounts it should be cheaper if not on par with the 3000 model..

the psp go looks sweet, the price is stupid. $199 is the most i would say it's worth.

Mu5afir3324d ago

But they are probably using the higher price point to sell out the PSP 3000. It wouldn't make sense to put the GO in competition with the more expensive model for less money from a business stand point. But Sony should seriously consider lower the price point if they want to make a more direct impact.

SupaPlaya3324d ago

went into designing and producing this model. I mean I understanding PS3 being higher price due the the cost of the components, but this new model sport a smaller screen, and some memory, so it can't cost that much more to produce.

I thought the whole point is to make your $$ back in software sales, perhaps the modding of the PSP to play downloaded games is starting to affect that view?

Milky3324d ago

Imagine paying $407 for the psp go (like us brits). Madness you would say.

SupaPlaya3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

This is Madness!! This is P.S.P.!!!! ~~~~

Techno music plays

irish-leprecaun3324d ago

so the GO is day 1 for me!!

XGRaViSmOrSX3324d ago

even though i have a psp 1000 and 2000 i will be in line to buy this on day one.

the smaller size alone is enough to warrant a purchase from me.

3324d ago
beans3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Oh Omar you little kid. What on this green earth does the value of PSP go have to do with the fraking 360? It's surely a matter of opinion, but seriously what are you like 10 or something? What's so hard about enjoying Sony news without having to bring up 360 and vice versa?

Silellak3324d ago

Wow. How is that at all on-topic? What does the 360 have to do with the PSP? Does every single article on this site have to boil down to Sony vs. Microsoft for you people?

FamilyGuy3324d ago

I really wasn't complaininga about the price at first and still intend to buy one but their reason for it is BS "the demographic isn't price driven." that may be true but it's hardly an excuse to overcharge like this.

I think it should have MORE than 16Gb flash too, considering the leaps in flash memory and the fact that the PSPGo! supported format of M2 is WAAAAAY behind in size capacity compared to SD they should really give us more.

I have a 16Gb SD card that cost me $23 about 6 months ago, it's annoying that they're trying to make so much off the hardware.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3323d ago

Between a $249 PSP Go or a $249 Wii I'd choose a PSP Go

rockleex3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

Think about it, retailers don't like the Go.

Lets just say production costs for the Go and 3000 are about the same. Now why is Sony charging an extra $80 for the Go?

Here are a couple reasons I can think of:

1. Although the price is higher, Sony only takes as much profit from the Go as the 3000, while the remaining $80 goes to retailers to keep them happy.

2. Sony doesn't want the Go to kill off the 3000(retailers will be pissed), so they make sure the price point of the Go will keep itself in check.

3. Maybe Sony added in a couple hardware features we are unaware of?

TapiocaMilkTea3323d ago

I guess Sony wants to start slowly in the transition to digital distribution. They're not going to expect a lot of sales out of this, a lot of people still wants a physical copy of their games, or they don't have a fast enough internet, or they like to purchase from bargain bins.

BardockS30Z3323d ago

The itouch is 229 for 8 gigs here in USA. a 16gb is 299. the psp go has 16gb and is only 250 and it has many of the same features as the itouch except well the touch. I think its just right

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Johnny Rotten3324d ago

That's funny, what's even funnier is that their talking about European prices. lol

shazui1233324d ago

maximus, not the same interview

MaximusPrime3324d ago

time for you to do some searching: (look at 3rd question)

i'll be surprised if this not be removed.

TheColbertinator3324d ago

Pfft your funeral Sony,not mine.

Johnny Rotten3324d ago

Hey Steven have a safe trip to Iraq!

Kleptic3323d ago

I don't own a PSP...and really have no immediate plans to buy one...but something definitely bothers me about the version having the least functionality (albeit with a lot more internal memory)...being the most expensive...

I know I know...its like a laptop...the lighter and smaller, the more expensive...but the fact that the go will not play any UMD media makes a $250 price point seem a bit high...

and I always love PR from SCEE...'we don't think this market cares as much about prices as others'...haha...we know, thats why you charge them sometimes twice as much for the same stuff as other markets...

pwnsause3324d ago

dont expect this to sell well this holiday, especially when the PS3 is expected to getting its $100 price cut this fall.

PSP Go=$250

PS3= $300 if price cut happens.

as much as I like this PSP, its a rip off for the price tag it has.

silvacrest3324d ago

it might sell well in japan where the PSP is king
but everywhere else will look at the price and buy a psp 3000

IdleLeeSiuLung3324d ago

On the other hand, a price cut might not happen since PSP Go is $250. PS3 at $300 represents a significantly better value although different market segments unless Sony plans to cut the price of PSP Go a mere 3 months later... That will sure to piss of some consumers.

N2NOther3324d ago

I'd be surprised if the PS3 price cut is anything more than $50.

killzowner3323d ago

I think it will be quite substancial, lets wait and see shall we?

evrfighter3323d ago

A $100 dollar price cut would get me to buy a ps3.

I'd still think the SDF on this site are complete idiots, but I'd still buy one.

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