N-Philes: Klonoa Review

Klonoa has all the building blocks of a great game, but is missing from it even the most moderate a challenge. It's a shame, too. As a remake starring a cult classic character in a genre that's begging for something fresh, it had the potential to be something really great. If you're looking for something to buy a child, look no further. This game is great for kids. Chances are, though, you'll get bored pretty quickly if you aren't one.

Some will complain of that the game is too short, but to me this isn't an issue, especially when you take into consideration the discounted price point. Platformers are almost always short, get over it. The problem isn't that you'll finish it too quickly, it's that you probably wont have the desire to play it again once you do.

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Smacktard3326d ago

"but is missing from it even the most moderate a challenge"

I love when people review games, without even playing the whole thing. I've spent upwards of 20 minutes on the extra challenge rooms in the mirror levels. They're just one room, and they're extremely hard. Yeah.