A 'majority' of back catalog PSP games available to download Oct. 1

-all first party titles thereafter

Sony has confirmed that "just about" every PSP game releasing after October 1 -- the release date of the PSPgo -- would be available for download. PlayStation Blog's Jeff Rubenstein stated on Sunday (via Destructoid) that he couldn't speak about the availability of third party titles at that time.

We followed up with Rubenstein today and he told us, "The majority of back catalog PSP games will be made available for download around the launch of the PSPgo." We made sure to ask if he was speaking strictly about first-party titles and he told us he meant "the majority overall."

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Johnny Rotten3266d ago

A back catalog of games is going to be a big "make or break" for the PSPgo. As of right now they really don't have the greatest track record for supporting the PSP, any weekly update can show you that.

Also Sony's should be pushing the developer's a lot more into releasing demo's to help people decide on their digital purchases. IMO anyways.