Prototype now available on Steam

Activision's action title Prototype has arrived on Steam and is now available for purchase and download on the digital distribution client.

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NinlenBox3393d ago

I LOVE LOST! and like infamous a lot. but prototype, no love from me. maybe ill rent it. and seems like a lot of peeps love steam, but probably not as much as I LOVE LOST! infamous ftw!

irish-leprecaun3393d ago

next week i buy killzone 2, infamous and little big planet.
must then save money for uncharted 2, fifa 10, modern warfare 2, mag etc.....and for AAA titles in early 2010.

Tony P3393d ago

I'm going to hang back and talk to people who played. That last review by IGN made me extremely iffy.

dogmeat eater3393d ago

I was watching a video of him flying. It made me lol, he looks like a flying squirrel when hes flying. Oh well, I would pass on this game since the real reviews are coming out now that the review embargo seems to be over.

doshey3393d ago

it wont tell me that i dont have enough space on my hdd, like the ps3 version

Gorgon3393d ago

49,99€? Steam is such a rip off.

Tarmgar3393d ago

I'm pretty sure Steam has no rights in changing the price of a game without the developers consent. And if you think it sucks, catch Steam on a weekend when they have they %50-%90 off deals on random games. I've saved over $100 because of this. Steam is AWESOME!

ParanoidMonkey3393d ago

Steam is a gamer's best friend.

Gorgon3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

"...catch Steam on a weekend when they have they %50-%90 off deals on random games."

Too bad it's never the games I ACTUALLY WANT. Went there a week ago to buy Mass cost 44 USD! A F****G 2 years old game! I bought it from amazon for 7 bucks, new.

Rip off. F**K Steam.