CVG: Uncharted 2 Beta Impressions

CVG writes: "A multiplayer mode probably wouldn't have been on our list of hopes for the Uncharted sequel, but it's a pleasant surprise nonetheless and a decent enough shot at online carnage, too.

The beta version currently being put through its paces offers a chunk of both the co-op campaign and competitive multiplayer modes. Co-op lets you and up to two other players team up and blast through levels designed specifically for the co-op campaign. "

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WildArmed3389d ago

Love the co-op.
The multiplayer is awesome too, but we need those booster shop to make it addictive :D

thomo18883389d ago

It's great don't think It'll be my favourite thing about it though only go on it when not playing any of my other games.

Kain813389d ago

I think this will be the GOTY

yoghurt3389d ago

This is very addictive, you really should use all buildings, climbing etc etc to get the most out of the game, it is such good solid fun