Editorial: What to do with the PS Slim?

Jordan Lund of GameStooge, after seeing Koller admit the PS3 Slim hardware exists, has some suggestions for Sony on how to deal with it.

Excerpt: "Sony should come out, right now, bite the bullet and officially announce the PS3 Slim at the presumed $300 price point. They should then say, "But hey, if you don't want to wait until October for a $300 PS3 then don't worry… you can get one right now!" and immediately lower the price on all existing PS3 stock to the same price as the Slim.

Yes, this means the painful proposition of losing $140 per console instead of $40 per console, but they need a drastic move to increase PS3 sales. In April, they only sold 127,000 units in the U.S. At a loss of $40 per console that means they lost $5,080,000. A $100 price cut would have meant losing $17,780,000. How much does a national advertising campaign cost? More or less than $12 million?"

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Forrest Gump3356d ago

You're out of your mind if you think Sony are willing to take such a huge hit again.

Automat3356d ago

sony sold 10mill ps3s last year. that's enough, they don't need a price drop. neither do we. do you want to listen to stupid 14 year old kids talking bs online all the time like on the 360? I don't.

JonahFalcon3356d ago

They don't need a price drop? Um, sure. Whatever you say.

Economics don't work that way, son.

krakdol3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

@jonah : yes they do.

Sony sells PS3 at twice the price of a 360, so they're making a lot of money as sales, double the microsoft console sales in $ since both consoles sell roughly the same worldwide. Simple maths.

Why would they lower the price ? They sold 10 million consoles last year and that was their target. Killing MS console would be nice, but it would cost too much, so buying time is probably the best solution.

The rest, the console war, it's in your head. Companies focus on making profit, Sony doesn't hate microsoft and microsoft doesn't hate Sony, that's in your head.

Sony will win with content ultimately, the only way MS could have 'won' is by killing the PS3 very fast, which they tried hard but still didn't manage... Now it's too late, great games are raining on the PS3.

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PotNoodle3356d ago

Haha, if people like the author of this article were running sony - sony would of gone bankrupt 40 years ago.

krakdol3356d ago

yeah, Sony does fine, get over it fanboys...

mac4u103356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

stupid article I personally don't give a toss if you cant afford a ps3, I have one and im getting the best experience on my ps3 out of my three consoles.

lloyd_wonder3356d ago

Funnhy article. Why would Sony drop the price during these insignificant slow months?

Marty83703356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

You can tell this guys never ran a business, atleast not a profitable one. Trying to tell Sony how to run ther businesses. What a f#cking prick.