Sony set to launch VidZone on June 11

Sony has confirmed that VidZone will go live on June 11.

The free service gives you access to thousands of streaming music videos on demand, just in case you didn't know.

Users can expect 10,000 videos right off the bat to download off PSN, with more to come.


Press release is below.

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WildArmed3391d ago

Can't wait to try this out.
Seems like a great party tool.

lociefer3391d ago

f'n aweosome thats tomorrow, first song im searching for will be one last breath - creed

WildArmed3391d ago

imma hit the random option (if there is!)
Already listen to all the rock/metal songs everyday.
Trying something new :D

FamilyGuy3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I'm so friggin jealous. U.S. wants this too!

also, does this mean you guys will get a special firmware update?

snaz273390d ago

i knopw what your saying but im jealous of your home, as the eu counterpart is missing lots of spaces you have, and the music feature in the home square, and we still dont have blast factor trophies, and we dont have the movie downloads (although not sure id use it that much), about time eu got some love from sony i feel... and as for the firmware i dont think so as the vidzone is a download off the store.

WildArmed3390d ago

lol i have a EU n US account. i play on my US account since thats wher ei live.
But d/l demos/ apps off EU :D
unles.. its region locked :(

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Cajun Chicken3391d ago

Nice. I've been on the website a few times, vast selection of music.

Bordel_19003391d ago

Too bad it's just a couple of countries in Europe. I'm still waiting for the video store in Europe.

shaz733390d ago

Really cant wait for this 2moro.

Ninver3390d ago

Yay awesome stuff. No more turd quality videos from yousuck.