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GameReactor writes:

"After having spent nearly 20 hours with Infamous, it is directly physically hard to switch to Prototype. For while the sucker Punch game offered a sharp structure, cruel story, beautiful presentation and above all a fantastic game control - is Radical dilatory competitor rather than a lap concoction of rotten ingridienser. Prototype is ugly, stiff, boring and often quite irritating. Game control is poor, enemies unimaginative design and graphics extremely mediocre. In comparison with Crackdown and above Infamous, this is a joke."

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s8anicslayer3392d ago

I guess activision didn't send them any money! lol, I can't believe this one

Genesis53392d ago

Well now we know why there is no demo.

sonarus3392d ago

This is lame. It seems that reviewers are turning this into a Infamous vs prototype thing. Like you can't enjoy both games. You have to hate one and love the other

MegaMohsi3392d ago

This reminds me of the whole Gears 2 vs Resistance 2 last November, one was a TPS and the other an FPS yet Resistance 2 was constantly knocked for not being more like Gears 2 which made no sense to me

HighDefinition3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Even if, I don`t see a problem w/ one being better than the other to some people or in general for that matter. Infamous did alot of things very right, I knew it was gonna be harder for Prototype to follow. First off, Suckerpunch makes some of the best/smoothest control schemes out there and for this type of game that instantly will make it (again) harder for Prototype to follow.

"Prototype is ugly, stiff, boring and often quite irritating."

This for example, would NEVER be said about Infamous.

irish-leprecaun3392d ago

its like mlb the show and mlb 2k on ps3
while xbox only gets mlb 2k...

you get what u pay for!!

Syronicus3392d ago

Interesting quote considering that nearly every third person shooter released in the last 4 years has been compared to Gears in nearly every review... Every FPS has been compared to Halo in nearly every review... At one time, nearly every open world sandbox game was compared to GTA4 but now, inFAMOUS is the bar that has been set and sadly enough, many reviewers don't feel that Prototype reaches that bar.

arika3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

infamous and prototype should be pitted againts each other, because they are of the same genre. both have superhero powers in an open world game, but thats the only thing that is similar the rest like gameplay, graphics and storyline infamous is entirely on a different level.
i think from here on out we can really see the difference of ps3 exclusive games compared to multiplat or other exclusives from other consoles.

PrimordialSoupBase3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

"Lawl, other websites bribed, Lawl"

For the next two pages.

morganfell3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Reviewers are not turning this into an inFamous versus Prototype. It was already an inFamous versus Prototype. Fans saw to that months ago.

I have been having a blast with inFamous and picked up Prototype today. I'll know in a few hours whether there is a competition or a runaway.

It shouldn't be a case of one game against another. But even if you look at a title by itself with no comparision, a great game still wows you and a not so great game still sticks to your shoe and smells up the place.

If Prototype is a remarkable title that would be great - I just dropped $59 on it so I hope it is. But if it isn't then claiming an unjustified comparison is to blame for lack of a perception of quality is a diversion, but doesn't alter the facts.

JokesOnYou3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Everybody's got a right to their opinion but thats a horrible review, imo the game is at least an 8/10. So much fun, can't wait until I get home from work.


Raul_73392d ago

and i am not impressed at all .. it feels like i am playing a spiderman game. :|

still havent played infamous yet, but it has much better reviews so...

*goes to buy infamous*

morganfell3392d ago

Raul - You won't regret buying inFamous.

As for Prototype, I'll know in about 3-4 hours when I get some time.

chaosatom3392d ago

Maybe rent prototype later on. Not having a demo did hurt the game tho.

SaberEdge3392d ago

This is lame. Not necessarily the review, since he is entitled to his opinion no matter how biased it might be. What's lame is the reaction PS3 fanboys are having again.

Can't you guys see how absurd you look? Any good review that comes around is ignored and every low or medium review score is held up as the truth that Prototype is not as good as inFamous.

The fact is, Prototype is still at a 91 on metacritic and inFamous is at 85. So, right now, Prototype is the higher rated game. Could that change? Of course. But the fact PS3 fans are ready to slagg off Prototype just to make their precious inFamous look better really shows you the mentality of these guys.

How about they can both be good games guys?

aldesko3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

And 360 fanboys focus on the higher reviews while ignoring the lower ones to show that they don't need infamous. Nothing new here.

And prototype has an 82 on metacritic.

el zorro3392d ago

I've played both and Prototype craps all over Infamous. The amount of chaos and destruction going on at one time in Prototype make Inafamous look like childs play, the movement through the world is faster and more fluid and there isn't the problem with so much pop in like in Infamous and the game runs smoother and looks better. I'm sorry...Infamous is a good game, but Prototype is better for my tastes.

cmrbe3392d ago

and why i always hated every games being compared to Gears for the last 3 years.

Reviews should really only focus on why a game is good or bad, on its own merits.

morganfell3391d ago

I just spent my first 45 minutes with Prototype. Where do I start. GameReactor may have come off like an ass but there are very valid criticisms in their article.

First impression? If I had to buy it over again, knowing what I do now I wouldn't buy it. I wouldn't rent it. The controls are all over the map. One of the worst schemes ever and it is a huge blow to the game.

Graphically the game looks first... and then you realize the lack of detailed textures. Buildings are smooth surfaces.

The combat has no precision and comes off more as the Hulk smasher button masher ...the sequel. I don't think I will be playing much more of this. Have an IQ bigger than your shoe size? Run away, run away! There is mindless fun and then there is "Wow, I just wasted 45 minutes of my life and didn't even enjoy myself."

The story is lackluster...when it even bothers to stick it's head in the game and say hi. I really love the first objective in the game.

Kill the military.

You do not need to know why, just kill them. After all they are evil, right? It's like having a Nazi as the bad guy. Clichéd, poorly thought out, and simple. Until you consume the leader - he doesn't have a name, he is...the is spawn central. If you want you can hang around and destroy more tanks and Apaches than there are in the entire US military and people just keep running into the street and dying.

All in all it is obvious why there was no demo. Sometimes demos do not occur because the team was working to finish the game. Well, this game is finished alright. In fact it is done for. And it isn't that the game need more dev time. The problem is in the design choices. I personally think they used a dart board. The choices seem more intentional than if they drew the ideas out of folded paper in a hat.

Do you want me to even make the inFamous comparison? inFamous is a measured story that forces you to wrestle with the moral implications of your actions. It makes you aware of the weight that falls on the shoulders of a hero when they have been lifted above other mortal beings. The controls are tight and exacting. The combat unique, the reward remarkable. Cole is a haunted man wondering how and if he is being used, constantly made aware of the fact that even just decisions have their price and even a single life taken wrongly has consequence.

Alex is a mindless being that slaughters and cares for no one but his self. Personally I think he deserves to die. People are just fodder and he senses no worry for anyone...but himself. People in Prototype are just pieces of scenery. Without consequence for a path chosen then there is no sense of payment for the actions you take in a game.

Verdict? With or without the comparison inFamous is a must buy game. Prototype is one of those games that you avoid like the plague.

Syronicus3391d ago

Thanks for the review Morgan. I always prefer a gamers review over any of the publications because you are not advertising anything and not trying to sell me something. It always makes for more believable reviews. Thanks again.


mebob3391d ago

"I've played both and Prototype craps all over Infamous. The amount of chaos and destruction going on at one time in Prototype make Inafamous look like childs play, the movement through the world is faster and more fluid and there isn't the problem with so much pop in like in Infamous and the game runs smoother and looks better. I'm sorry...Infamous is a good game, but Prototype is better for my tastes."

This coming from a guy who said....

"Way to go Sony Defence Force! You guys really mobilized on this one and won it!, I don't know what you won, but gauging by the way you are acting I am sure you won something. Give yourselves a pat on the back, you deserve it. All your loyal service will one day be rewarded in Sony heaven. Spread that gospel, boys! Don't let anybody tell you games other than Sony games are any good, they are only trying to deceive you. Keep the faith. Sony, your god who is in heaven, is watching over you and guiding you...keeping you safe from the truth."

In another fanboy alarm is ringing.

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Kain813392d ago

i dont know what to sy this.
And there is no Demo announced for this Game, so i see i must rent it to Build my own opinion

mastiffchild3392d ago

It's odd after the great previews that it seemed to get, almost universally, that it's turning out to be a bit of a Marmite game.

The range from 4/10 to 9.5/10 is amazing to me but if someone can give it 9.5 there's got to be something great in there yet 4/10 suggests nearly everything is poor-IDK-guess it's a rent to make up my mind on this one. Really don't get why this has happened after all the great pre-release press at all.

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ptotoy3392d ago

it was only yesterday that those xbots were oh-so happy that protojunk was getting 9.8's.. they did not realize that activision had an embargo for reviews with less than favorable reveiws.. now you see the complete picture -- prototype maybe a good game but it is a POS next to inFAMOUS, king of superhero sandbox games..

talltony3392d ago

I told you stupid bots. I told you this will not be better than infamous and I could tell that from the straight boring gameplay!! Just like i thought, its nothing more than a hulk game with a few new powers and a different charachter!

-MoOkS-3392d ago

It's one review.

It's not like Prototype is a 360 exclusive, maybe if it was then you could claim "ownage".

And whats worse is that it's unplayable on the ps3, atleast I could play it on the 360 "IF" I wanted to. LOL

Infamous is still rated lower

talltony3392d ago

This game is getting lower and lower reviews every second. it looks like crap it has always looked like crap to me and these kinds of reviews just prove it and in the end when all the reviews are out you know infamous will be rated higher.
And whats worse is that i could play it if I wanted too, cause I do own a 360 and all. but the ps3 version is not unplayable anyways, they will fix the problem via patch.

-MoOkS-3392d ago

Read what im saying before you reply.

Right now, Prototype has a higher review average than inFAMOUS.

The ps3 version IS currently unplayable.

Concentrate on the now

jahcure3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

82 for xbox 360 and 91 for ps3 on metacritic. Either way it seems that the PS3 is the way to go. Higher rated prototype and inFamous. Xbox has lower rated protype (even lower than inFamous at 85)

Hmm..tough decision

GiantEnemyCrab3392d ago

And the intentions become clear. This isn't about the games this is a peepee contest with inFAMOUS and PS3 fans are going to protect it and associate Prototype with the 360.

Ah, the worst in gaming.. Give yourselves a round of applause.

jahcure3392d ago

I am sure you were here when xbox fans were crying down inFamous because it wasn't on thier console of choice and began hailing prototype as a better game for obvious reasons. Now time has come where it's proven that inFamous is better and not only that but the ps3 has the better version of prototype (according to metacritic).but then what's worse is that inFamous is rated higher than prototype on the 360.

Don't tell me u conveniently forgot what led to this day

-MoOkS-3392d ago

PS3 has the better version???? no

Look at the reviewers of both games. They don't review both versions. PS3 reviewers are notorious for over scoring games aswell

For example, If IGN rate the ps3 version 9.0 and the 360 version 8, or gamespot rate the ps3 version 8 and the 360 version 7, then you could say it's better on ps3.

The ps3 only reviewers obviously have less taste than the 360 reviewers.

jahcure3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

so are you invalidating the scoring on metacritic? You're admitting that it's not a proper barometer for rating games since there are inconsistencies?

I ask because YOU are the one who stated that inFamous was rated lower. I was simply informing YOU that YOU were incorrect.

So which is it? Or did the scoring only count when the score was higher than inFamous'

"MoOkS- - 44 minutes ago

Ignore1.2 - hahaha
It's one review.

It's not like Prototype is a 360 exclusive, maybe if it was then you could claim "ownage".

And whats worse is that it's unplayable on the ps3, atleast I could play it on the 360 "IF" I wanted to. LOL

Infamous is still rated lower "

SaberEdge3392d ago

It's silly to compare the two versions that way. The PS3 version and 360 version don't have the same number of reviews posted, so you can't conclude anything that way.

The only way we will know which version is better is when groups like Digital Foundry do an actual technical analysis of both games.

In any case, if you average the 360 and PS3 versions' scores Prototype has a 86.5 on Metacritic, while inFamous has an 85. So it is absolutely absurd to be proclaiming inFamous the better game.

I think they are both going to be good games and which one is better is going to come down to personal opinion.

jahcure3391d ago

"if you average the ps3 and 360 scores"...are you a special breed of idiot? You do realize you will be counting some scores two times ...don't u. How is that an average? Please enlighten me with your special "planet na nu na nu math"

I think my original point stands best that metacritic is not a good barometer for game score averages. To suggest that you count ign's score 2 times to make your special math work, is really stupid.

Think before u respond at least

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