MLG Columbus 2009 Video (ZTGD)

Wombat and Gambus Kahn take to the streets to bring you coverage and interviews from MLG in Columbus Ohio. Wombat and Gambus Kahn give show floor coverage including interviews and even Gambus Kahn breaking his booth babe cherry.

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HuGi3394d ago

MbN the Businees owns on Gears of War 2 , they give no chance...whats a beast players they are!

On Halo 3 ... OMG Str8 Rippin won easily!!

Know i want to see how they will do on ODST with the new maps and on futue Halo Reach.

LEts see...

MLG is the best thing that has happened on Competitive videogames scene!!

And Ps3 isnt there because not enough teams !! ahah

Pc and Xbox FOr LIFE!

-MoOkS-3394d ago

Halo has gone a bit one sided. No one can touch str8 rippin now.

The reason ps3 doesn't have MLG is because they don't want to sponsor it and there's no games that are good enough to be played competitively on the system, except cod4.

Mu5afir3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Its SPONSORED by Microsoft.

@ Above

Killzone 2 & Resistance 1 & 2 are games that are worth playing competitively. Not to mention, Warhawk and soon MAG will release for the system too. So saying there aren't games available is dumb. The fact is, the event is sponsored by Microsoft, that is the only reason you don't see PS3s.

-MoOkS-3394d ago

Killzone 2 is nowhere near good enough to play competitively. The multiplayer is a mess and takes no skill.

R:FoM could have been good enough to be an MLG game, it took skill

Resistance 2 is garbage

Warhawk? you can't be serious

MAG just wouldnt work, the gameplay is designed for 256 players on the map.

Mu5afir3394d ago

Killzone 2 multi-player is some of the best I have played. The system is perfectly suited for competitive play. In fact Sony in partnership with MLG are actually having a competition right now. So your point is MUTE.

-MoOkS-3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Sony is using MLG Gamebattles to host it, the prize money is coming straight from sony. Sony also used to host a 50k Resistance 2 tournament.

So, explain how my point is "MUTE".

Infact, you proved yourself wrong. You said, " The fact is, the event is sponsored by Microsoft, that is the only reason you don't see PS3s"

MLG is in a partnership with MS, yet sony still uses MLG to host tournaments for it's games. So there goes your theory about sony not being at the event because MS is a MLG sponsor

Mu5afir3394d ago

Like you yourself stated, Gamebattles is a part of MLG. Sony used MLG Gamebattles to setup competitions, but that is a PARTNERSHIP between the two companies. MLG would gladly host Killzone 2. The point being with MLG is it's sponsored by Microsoft, therefore you don't see games made by Sony.

So, to summarize. If Microsoft didn't sponsor MLG. MLG would have Killzone / Resistance etc.. games for competition. So thanks for making my point clear. :)

-MoOkS-3394d ago

Wrong again.

I've used that site for years, even before mlg took over. I know what happened it the past

Sony had plenty of opportunities to be on MLG, there's even an interview with they guy who owns it saying, they were in talks.

So don't act like MS is not allowing sony to be apart of it.

Don't bother replying,im out of bubbles and you won't win against me anyway.

HighDefinition3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Reading your comments was complete waste of my day.

I like how you just taken it upon your self to say what`s a tournament worthy game and what isn`t.

Your sad.

-1, here`s to hoping you hit 3 bubbles.


Don`t waste your time w/ this pathetic spec of a life form.

edgeofblade3394d ago

I know a so-called pro-gamer... he blew his mother's life savings on skipping all his classes his freshmen year, got kicked out of a good school, and now he's living in poverty. But the $50 he makes in every tenth tournament is some how worth it.

MLG nerds make me sick. It's not a sport. It's a bunch of losers with a hard-on for dreaming, dropping out of college, and wasting their lives.

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mirroredderorrim3394d ago

My PShomeslice, Gambus is there, mind you he also needs to pick up the slack in the trophy department!

Come on, bro... you stuck on Xbox Live? Show some PSN love and lets get some trophies on RE5!

Halo3 MLG Pro3393d ago

Oh sweet sweet memories. Some good times at the MLG events.

Xbrainer3393d ago

I'm not sure about this but wasn't MLG kinda built around Halo 2?

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