360Sync: Post E3: Fairytale Fights Impressions

360Sync writes: "On Wednesday, day 2 of our E3 '09 experience, we had booked an appointment with Playlogic to see what they had in store for the Xbox 360. While they only had one game available, it came as quite a surprise to both Rob and I. This one game they had on display was called Fairytale Fights, which we expected to be some creepy but very kid-friendly game. (The game website is not yet up, but we expect it to soon be.) Boy were we wrong. Let's get you started off with a trailer that has just a hint of what the game is about.

Okay, so we've probably piqued your interest right? Okay, let's get on with the preview, it's quite a lengthy one, packed to the brim with information.

Fairytale Fights is a hybrid game that mixes both the hack and slash genre and the platforming, and will definitely be aiming at the Mature category of games while it may not be evident at first..."

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