Pandora Considers Consoles 'High Priority,' Won't Say Who They've Talked To

Patrick Klepek Writes:

Don't get me wrong. When Microsoft announced a partnership with for their streaming music service on Xbox Live, I was excited. But Andrew Pfister and I, both heavy iPhone users, looked at one another and said "I wish it was Pandora."

Pandora Radio is another streaming music, radio station-centric service. Other gamers have been thinking the same thing, so I reached out to Jessica Steel, Pandora's VP of business development, about the company's future plans and if it includes consoles.

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ChozenWoan3204d ago

Ohh wait it already is. PS3 for the win.

It's funny when some gamers get excited about getting web content imported into a console, especially when you have to be a paying customer just to get what the rest of the world gets free. Imagine if you had to pay your ISP, then pay N4G to be able to post on this site from a computer, but if you could do it from your console it would be free... same diff.

I can post on here from my console... can you.