Kombo: E3 2009: DC Universe Online Impressions

Kombo writes: "DC Universe Online has become something of a wishing well for DC and MMO fans alike. The project itself feels so large and it carries with it so much burden and responsibility. This is the classic DC Universe Sony's messing with; it's a slew of characters and personalities that fans have spent decades of their lives getting to know. And now, with DCU being an MMO, players and fans are going to be working alongside the likes of Supes and Bats or the Joker and Lex Luthor. And Sony's approached that entitled sense of "DC-ness" that so many of the fans clutch to with such a great attitude. They've got Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, the support of Wildstorm, DC and a bunch of writers and artists from the company lending their talents to the ambitious title.

Needless to say, this project brings a lot of potential to the table whenever it's mentioned in conversation. DCU Online will let players make their own super heroes to live and fight in the world of DC. No, you will not be playing The Flash or Nightwing, you are who you make. And just like any other MMORPG, you'll level up, collect drops and participate in PvP..."

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